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Artist sets mood in Burly

Anna Gibson

February 8, 2017

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"I don’t cry at shows, but I cried tonight,” senior James Biddle said after the performance. Lady Lamb, beloved angel of angst, sang out her soulful blessings to Pine Street music lovers Wednesday evening. Amidst th...

Celebrity pregnancy delivers joy in very trying times

Kim Henry

February 8, 2017

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In a political climate that feels to some like the world is spinning further and further into darkness, Our Lady of Perpetual Flawlessness is here to brighten the day. Last week, Beyoncé announced that she is pregnant with tw...

Muslim girls use spoken word to tell story

Bridget Higdon, Assistant Arts Editor

February 8, 2017

Filed under Artist Spotlight, Arts

Four girls stand at four microphones. Even though they are only 16 years old, their voices and words reverberate with power. Hawa Adam, Kiran Waqar, Lena Ginawi and Balkisa Abdikadir make up the poetry group Muslim Girls Mak...

Series return is fortunate event

Kim Henry, Staff Writer

February 3, 2017

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Netflix is gaining ground in its steady lumber toward media domination with the release of its adaptation of the hit children’s saga, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” The show follows the story of three orphans as they tumble throu...

R&B artist delivers female power on her first album

Healy Fallon, Senior Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Filed under Arts, Reviews

Making music is the most effective outlet for personal expression, and a single lyric or melody often reveals a vivid profile of the artist themselves. With the recent release of her new album, titled “SweetSexySavage ” Jan...

Photographer captures India

Addie Beach, Staff Writer

February 2, 2017

Filed under Arts, Previews

Getting a glimpse of somewhere far away is easier than you may think. The Fleming Museum will host “1008,” an exhibit focused on the work of photographer Catherine Jansen, starting Jan. 31. Jansen’s frequent trips to India...

Dance show raises funds for puppets

Anna Gibson, Staff Writer

February 1, 2017

Filed under Arts, Previews

As many native Vermonters between the ages of five and 40 could probably tell you, showing up to a grade school classroom to the sight of life-size puppets is nothing out of the ordinary. The seventh annual Dance Showcase fundraisin...

The return of the musical

Colin Kamphuis

January 27, 2017

Filed under Arts, Reviews

It’s rare today for a major Hollywood film to be a musical, although this was a popular genre in the 1930s and 1940s.   “La La Land” bucks this trend by recreating a movie the likes of which hasn’t graced th...

New Fleming show explores drinking

Healy Fallon

January 26, 2017

Filed under Arts, Previews

Across cultures, drinking is universally known to be an act of self-care for the body, as well as for personal and social enjoyment. Yet by observing the definition of drinking from a curatorial perspective, a bigger social an...

Art community reacts to inauguration

Healy Fallon and Bridget Higdon

January 25, 2017

Filed under Arts, Arts Regular

As progressive force in society that provides introspection, enjoyment, and connection, art is constantly changing with history. More importantly, art is an unrestricted commentary on both the victories and losses of our times. &nb...

Local Burlington author to release her debut novel

Bridget Higdon

January 21, 2017

Filed under Arts, Reviews

For many writers, inspiration is in the air all around them. This is certainly true for one local author whose world travels and diverse studies influenced her debut novel. Katherine Arden will be hosting a book talk about he...

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