Cells clash with class

April 14, 2015

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Think back to the last lecture you attended. How often were your eyes on your phone and not on the professor?“I won’t usually check my phone if it’s a small class, but I will check it if I get messages or Snapchats if I...

The power of the Yak

The power of the Yak

December 9, 2014

Earth Engine Fueled by Students

August 31, 2005

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In a renovated bank building annexed to the Church Street Mall a small but growing group of University of Vermont students from varying majors gather to work on a private project with enthusiastic marketing guru Seth Zimmerman. T...

I’ve Just Seen A Face

February 27, 2005

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Chances are I've seen you on The Facebook, an online directory of students from universities across the country. It's a new tool of communication that has changed some aspects of social interaction and created new opportunities fo...