2016-2017 Staff

Healy Fallon

Oddities Editor

Healy Fallon has been writing for the Cynic since the fall of 2016. When not writing for the Cynic, Healy is probably listening to Kate Bush in the woods, or probably working on their watercolor portrait of Skai Jackson, or probably...

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Ben Elfand

Arts Editor

Ben Elfland is a first semester junior at the University of Vermont where he studies public communication in the school of Community Agriculture and Life Sciences. The editor of the arts section of the Vermont Cynic. He began...

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Eribert Volaj

Sports Editor

Eribert Volaj is a senior in the Grossman Business School at the University of Vermont. He is currently studying Marketing and Global Business with a minor in English. Eribert started writing for the Vermont Cynic in the spring...

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Olivia Bowman

Managing Editor

Olivia Bowman is the current Managing Editor of the Vermont Cynic. Hailing from New Jersey, she is now a sophomore at the University of Vermont with an Undeclared major. Olivia joined the Cynic in October of 2017. She began as...

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Connor Allan

Web Editor

Connor is a Sophomore at the University of Vermont, majoring in Computer Science. Connor joined the cynic is April of 2016. Then in December was put in charge of being the web editor. He was first a junior web staff member, then...

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Kelsey Neubauer

Former Editor-in-chief

Kelsey Neubauer is a junior at the University of Vermont, majoring in English. Kelsey joined in January 2015. In October 2016, she was made the Editor-in-chief. She was a news writer and the assistant news editor for over a year....

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Bryan O'Keefe

Former Managing Editor

Bryan is the managing editor of the Vermont Cynic and has been involved since Jan. 2015. Prior to his position as managing editor, he was a news writer and the assistant news editor from 2015-2016.

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