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The three Cs of economics

April 21, 2015

There are three words that you will hardly hear mentioned in a neoclassical economics class.These words are not forbidden, these topics are not banned, but we prefer not to discuss them. Capitalism. Consumerism....

Blazing the route for democracy

April 14, 2015

As April 20 approaches, thousands of people will publicly smoke marijuana.It is time for this annual display of civil disobedience to become a sustained political movement for social and economic justice. Marijuana...

The problem of inequality

February 24, 2015

There is nothing in the free market system to prevent the further accumulation of wealth among the extremely wealthy and the social inequality it produces.On the contrary, the democratic institutions of...

Oil and the American petrodollar

February 10, 2015

The plunge in the price of oil has shaken the international markets.Russia’s currency nearly collapsed, the American shale oil industry fears extinction and consumers happily fill up their tanks at a...

The crisis of our education

December 9, 2014

While students view their education as an investment for a brighter future that would grant them increased job opportunities, higher total lifetime earnings and even the ability to live longer lives, neoclassical...

The false recovery

November 18, 2014

As college students who will soon enter the labor market, the unemployment rate is an important indicator of how the economy will be when we graduate.If the unemployment rate is low, the economy is expanding...

Student diversity sets new record

August 27, 2013

UVM opened its doors to its most diverse class this year in which more than one in eight students self-describe themselves as ethnic minorities, according to a press release from University Communications.  UVM welcomed...

First floor sprinkler alarm causes Davis Center evacuation

February 27, 2013

Alarms that went off in the first floor sprinkler room of the Davis Center was the cause of this morning's evacuation, according to firefighters stationed outside the building. At around 11:15 this morning,...

Students experience Olympics abroad

September 5, 2012

p>London offered an eventful and dynamic summer for two UVM students who were there to see the Olympics in person.Junior Yolanda Ngarambe and senior Alex Judge met up in Ngarambes native country, Sweden,...

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