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Ballroom dance teams swings further

April 22, 2015

The clicking of heels and melodies of Waltz from the campus recreation studio are courtesy of the ballroom team, a competitive part of the Swing and Salsa Society.Senior Chelsea Davidson and her partner,...

Location of SpringFest 2016 remains cloudy

April 15, 2015

SpringFest 2015 will be the last one ever held on the Chittenden Buckham Wills green, and a replacement location has yet to be determined.Due to the upcoming demolition of the “shoeboxes,” construction...

Construction projects will not raise price of tuition

April 15, 2015

With the many construction projects beginning this summer, some students wonder whether tuition will increase as a result.It won’t, Richard Cate, vice president for finance said.“That’s a good idea,...

STEM complex to integrate campus

April 8, 2015

All the upcoming construction on Central campus poses the question of what the finished product will look like.With the STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — complex, the goal will...

First stages of construction to begin

April 6, 2015

Starting Wednesday, it might become a little harder to get to classes.The preparation for the numerous upcoming construction projects, will be allowed to begin April 1, said Robert Vaughan, director of...

This year at SpringFest: A ferris wheel

March 31, 2015

The SpringFest posters around campus are advertising more than just the bands this year.“Did you know there is going to be a ferris wheel at SpringFest this year?” said Annie Stevens, vice provost...

Disco Biscuits serve fresh jams

Disco Biscuits serve fresh jams

March 18, 2015

The Springfest artists have been announced and the Disco Biscuits and AlunaGeorge will grace the stage on the Chittenden Buckham and Wills green next month.UPB revealed the news by unveiling the Springfest...

Strong cats lift weight

May 2, 2013

Last Friday students and one faculty member competed to reign as “strongest Cat.”The Strong Cat Competition—a weight, strength and conditioning competition—was held in the varsity strength and...

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