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Stop Bush’s War on the World!

September 27, 2002

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The White House has recently released a document entitled "The National Security Strategy of the United States." It makes plain what has been de facto policy for American capitalism since the end of World War II,that the United States government relies on the armed forces to defend America's interests . . .? (section IX.)....

Middle East Tension

April 11, 2002

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Opinions Editor,Recently I've noticed a growing interest in the conflict boiling in the Middle East. Some of our more "progressive" students have laid the blame at Israel's feet, however they must realize that the Palestinian's campaign of suicide bombings might one day engulf American life. I spent some time in the West Bank a...

An open letter to President Colodny

March 27, 2002

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March 26, 2002 Dear President Colodny, I must say that the appearance of your e-mail in my inbox yesterday was something that I met with mixed feelings. While I applaud your efforts to show an interest in the athletic community here at UVM, as an athlete I felt very saddened and disappointed to read your message that was se...

Capital Gaines

March 11, 2002

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At six feet, seven inches, 215 pounds, Men's Basketball Center Trevor Gaines is an intimidating person on the court: Grabbing rebounds out of the air, swatting away sure lay-ups at the last second. That is where the intimidation ends. Off the court he is a quiet, soft-spoken CDAE major with a love for poetry, Jay-Z Unplugged an...

Conference Corruption

March 11, 2002

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"So you're saying there's a chance?" Not only is this a classic quote from Dumb and Dumber, but also the NCAA's favorite saying come March. By the time you read this, Selection Sunday will have come and gone and for many teams, their chances went from being one-in-a- million, to zero. You know every year you will see the...

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