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Hyper-realism artist speaks on his latest painting

April 5, 2015

A world-renowned artist has recently been chosen by the United States Postal Service to have his painting appear on a stamp.Ross Rossin, an oil-on-canvas portrait artist from Bulgaria, painted a 48 by-48 inch portrait of the famous poet Maya Angelou that will now be distributed on postage around the world...

Burlington warms up to the ‘WildLife’

April 1, 2015

Two local entrepreneurs are expanding what it means to be a clothing shop.Wild Life, a clothing store in downtown Burlington, is the second business venture of Nicholas Dagostino and Dave Mullin, who also started Sticky Brand. “They had a stand up and really interesting hats and t-shirts,” said...

Glass gallery offers more for students

March 24, 2015

The art of glassblowing has fascinated humans for centuries. Local shops are keeping the art form alive and well.Bern Gallery, a glass shop in Burlington not only offers a wide selection of handmade pipes, but also repairs, creates custom pieces and offers glassblowing classes.The gallery is owned by...

Local artist masks Burlington

March 24, 2015

An up and coming community of designers in downtown Burlington is ushering in a wave of innovation.Generator is “a combination of artist studios, classroom, and business incubator focused on making things,” according to their website.The artists and inventors of Generator are working with technolog...

UVM teacher translates Dante’s “Divine Comedy”

UVM teacher translates Dante's

March 22, 2015

Reading Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” is an upward spiritual journey, not only for the story’s narrator, but also for the reader, who may be surprised to discover that the 700-year-old poem contains practical advice for self-improvement.“Dante understands the great struggles of real life,”...

Michigan jeweler comes to Burlington

Michigan jeweler comes to Burlington

March 18, 2015

A new award-winning artist has arrived in Burlington.Denise Fletcher, owner of Deda Jewelry, creates pieces from materials such as gold, silver, pearls and gems.Fletcher has been awarded the Best of Jewelry category in 2014 at the South Haven Arts Fair as well as the Best of Jewelry category at the Ka...

Refugee drummers return

Refugee drummers return

Allie Osorno

March 10, 2015

In the midst of a brutal genocide a group of refugees, brought together by war and a common interest in music,  played to ease the burden of war  for their fellow countrymen. “The Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars found music as a type of comfort, or reformed remedy,” band member Ruben Koroma ...

Spin the night

February 24, 2015

UVM better prepare itself for “Something Un-expected”  happening on Saturday nights from 8 p.m.-10 p.m.WRUV 90.1’s own Bjorn Werner spins the feed Saturday under the DJ name BHE.Werner’s set consists of two hours of live DJ mixing where he showcases the latest releases from the worlds of dee...

Rapper’s new single fights racism in U.S.

February 17, 2015

Kendrick Lamar recently released an explosive and provocative track that caused a commotion in the hip-hop community.The song “Blacker the Berry” bluntly dissects the volatile racial crisis confronting African-Americans today.Lamar’s lyrics emphasize ethnic pride, which he expressed in his recent si...

Shirt studio shines on

Shirt studio shines on

February 10, 2015

Phil Landry, graduate of Champlain college and owner of the Unknown Arts, prints in his studio on Marble St. Jan. 29. The studio has it’s own line of designs but people can submit their own custom art to be printed.From delivery boy to owner, he climbed the ranks of a local business and has been working...

Rapper rests in peace

Jon Zinter

February 3, 2015

The hip-hop community was shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Steven Rodriguez, 26, also known as A$AP Yams. He died Jan. 18. Rodriguez was the founder and mastermind behind A$AP Mob. He was a hip-hop encyclopedia. His vast knowledge of the genre allowed him to mold several successful rapp...

Local artists talk future in Burlington

Becca Friedlander

December 3, 2013

Burlington artists gathered in the SPACE gallery Nov. 13 in a fashion resembling the knights of King Arthur's court. The group was led by Christy Mitchell of the SPACE gallery, independent artist Clark Derbes and Art Map Burlington publisher Ric Kasini Kadour.  One of the issues brought up was the c...

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