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With soaring costs, film questions diploma value

Kevin Santamaria

October 22, 2013

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In solidarity of Campus Equity Week 2013, UVM is sponsoring the viewing of the film, "For Profit" to be screened in Waterman 427 on Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 7 PM.  The film discusses the for-profit values that the US public higher education has absorbed from the corporate world, associate professor of romance l...

Tuesday’s night of the living Dead

February 26, 2013

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Club Metronome is the perfect place for an event like Dead Set Tuesdays. The Dead Set, a weekly jam session that includes Grateful Dead cover band Cats Under the Stars and special guests, began as a throwback to the Dead Sessions that Nectar's promoter Alex Bundey and Cats Under the Stars band member Zach "Jerry Jr." Nugent use...

Jon Stewart draws 3,800

April 27, 2009

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Late night comedy icon and media commentator Jon Stewart performed a cheeky and uncensored stand-up routine to a capacity crowd at Patrick Gymnasium at the end of March.Touching on topics from local Burlington culture to the announcement of Vermont Governor Jim Douglas' promise to veto the same-sex ...

Combat paper: The Art of Reconciling Wartime experiences

March 2, 2009

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"War is hell," opined General William T. Sherman while speaking to Military Academy graduates in 1879. Judging by their pieces on display at Church Street's Firehouse Gallery, the artists featured in the gallery's new exhibit, "Combat Paper," couldn't agree more. The exhibit, running through April 11,...

Chekhov’s “The Sea Gull” flies, but can’t quite soar

February 23, 2009

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Anton Chekhov's demands are met, not conquered in UVM's production of "The Sea Gull," which premiered Feb. 18 at the Royall Tyler Theater.Chekhov's Sea Gull is a story of dreams and disappointments, illusions and the disillusionment that is bound to follow. With its sarcasm, sadness and bad weather,...

The Philistine

September 8, 2008

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David CarrWriting to take drugs to recover from taking drugs to work at The New York Times to write a book about taking drugs and recovering and working at The New York Times.With little to report on in the month of August besides presidential hopefuls and the summer Olympics, media junkies and vaca...

The Philistine

September 2, 2008

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At the movies with a pocket full of posies.The best movie you never saw this summer - or maybe you did, I don't know - is The Fall. But if you're like me and got caught up in The Dark Knight of Indiana Jones' Pineapple Express Mamma Mia! Tropic Thunder-fever this summer, you might have missed it.The Fa...

Iggy Records and Destroys

March 20, 2007

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What is it about aging rock stars who, with drooping skin and sunken eye sockets, continue to wear previously appreciated tight pants and attempt rocking in a studio instead of chairs designated for rocking? (I'm looking at you, Mick and Keith). Iggy Pop is no exception, as he is joined by former St...

A Million Little Skeptics

January 31, 2006

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As I sat in at my desk and cracked the cover of a brand-new textbook, I was mildly aware of someone entering my room. I glanced over, and upon seeing that it was a friend of mine from down the hall, returned to my studies. "Oohhh, I heard about that book," said the friend excitedly, pointing a finger at...

I Can’t Believe I Listened to the Whole Thing

Edward Kuhn

November 8, 2005

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Artist: Trey AnastasioAlbum: Shine It seems to be the wrong time of the year to release an upbeat and "happy" album. After listening I would figure the beginning of the summer would be a better release time. However, I also thought that after listening, Trey wouldn't want to release it at all. I kn...

CocoRosie: Better Equipment, Same Sound

Faith Hale

November 1, 2005

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The super freak-folk duo CocoRosie offers a sophomore release that is nearly identical to their first album in sound, but dramatically altered in soul. Their latest, Noah's Ark, hosts the eccentric blend of folksy guitars and scratchy hip-hop beats found on the previous album, yet the atmosphere of insula...

System of a Down and The Mars Volta Attack Montreal

September 12, 2005

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Though System of a Down and The Mars Volta hardly have similar styles in the kind of music they write, record, and perform, a factor that unites the two acts is that they are both absolutely unique in the world of modern popular music. On Monday the 29th (the first day of classes for all UVM students), th...

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