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I Can’t Believe I Listened to the Whole Thing

Edward Kuhn

November 8, 2005

Artist: Trey AnastasioAlbum: Shine It seems to be the wrong time of the year to release an upbeat and "happy" album. After listening I would figure the beginning of the summer would be a better release time. However, I also thought that after listening, Trey wouldn't want to release it at all. I kn...

CocoRosie: Better Equipment, Same Sound

Faith Hale

November 1, 2005

The super freak-folk duo CocoRosie offers a sophomore release that is nearly identical to their first album in sound, but dramatically altered in soul. Their latest, Noah's Ark, hosts the eccentric blend of folksy guitars and scratchy hip-hop beats found on the previous album, yet the atmosphere of insula...

System of a Down and The Mars Volta Attack Montreal

September 12, 2005

Though System of a Down and The Mars Volta hardly have similar styles in the kind of music they write, record, and perform, a factor that unites the two acts is that they are both absolutely unique in the world of modern popular music. On Monday the 29th (the first day of classes for all UVM students), th...

Eggars: A Genius? or Just Staggering?

September 12, 2005

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by David Eggars ventures into the presently unchartered waters of a fiction/non-fiction novel. It is a heartbreaking story about David Eggar's parents, who died when he was in college, leaving him with an 8-year-old brother to take care of. To say that th...

Off the Record: Kanye West

September 12, 2005

Dear Summer,I know that you'll miss me. We go together like Nike Airs and crisp tees. But, the school year is upon us again and it's time for the Off the Record hip-hop column to start up again. We'll start the year off by skipping over all of this summer's hottest releases to focus on Kanye West's ...

Jamie and Doug Return to Slade

March 7, 2005

This past Thursday, March 3rd, Jamie Masefield and Doug Perkins played a concert in Slade Hall for what, the umpteenth time? It was a kicking show. As Jaime and Doug agreed, "It started out slow, but it really picked up at the end." This was due mostly to the audience, which slowly trickled in, with ...

An Appointment at Higher Ground with John Brown’s Body

February 3, 2005

I woke up on Friday and looked at my hands, still marked with the Higher Ground under-21 "X." Scratching my head released the stale smoke locked in my hair and now my dreams were fading. I could remember last night. John Brown's Body (JBB) played one mean set of some of their best reggae tracks. I st...

Book Review: City of Glass

October 16, 2004

Protagonist Quinn is a thirty-five year old novelist living in New York. He lives uneventfully with his wife and son until a bizarre chain of events, catalyzed by a single misdirected phone-call, send his life spiraling away from normality in this engaging novel by Paul Auster. The book takes yo...

What is Wrong With Music Today

October 16, 2004

Avril Lavigne: "My Happy Ending." The Canadian singer's second single from her Under My Skin album assaults the listener in a rather ingenious way. To call the song's first line, "Let's talk this over, it's not like we're dead," clumsy would seem a grotesque understatement. The music that follows is...

Film Review: Garden State

September 14, 2004

Now maybe I'm slightly biased when it comes to reviewing a film with my home state's nickname as the title, but I think anyone would be crazy to think that Garden State stinks as much as everyone says New Jersey does. This is a simple story of searching and finding. It is a movie about finding love, a ...

Batboy the Musical

March 8, 2004

The Romance... The Terror... The Pointy Ears! Who would have thought that one day, the Weekly World News' story about a half-man, half-bat would be made into a rock musical? Well, it has been, and now, in its Vermont Premiere, Batboy: The Musical has come to UVM. The show, which opens Monday March 11...

Big Fish Big Success

Lisa Redmond

February 2, 2004

Tim Burton has done it again. If you loved the imaginative plots, settings, and characters of Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you will truly appreciate Burton's latest film, Big Fish.This film is an extremely polished cinematic achievement. The casting is perfect, with big ...

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