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Master Debaters at UVM

February 21, 2005

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The University of Vermont has many excellent programs but one of the most successful is often ignored by the students as well as the administrators and professors. For instance, if one were to ask you: what competitive team on campus has four national champions in the past year and a half? You may think, "Well, the cross-country sk...

Video Game Voodoo

February 17, 2005

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Let's play a game: if you love spending precious moments with our roommate, clap your hands. SILENCE. So a lot of college kids have roommate issues. So what? At one juncture of student life or another, everyone will have a want-to-hang-you-by-your-toes-from-the-ceiling-and-rip-off-your-toenails kind of warm and fuzzy ro...

Who are Students for Peace and Global Justice Anyway?

February 17, 2005

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Chances are that if you have ever been to the library or Cook Commons or anywhere else on campus for that matter, you have probably bumped into or seen an SFPGJ'er . They come in all shapes and sizes, wear clothing adhering to current fashion trends - or not, and if you talk to one of them, they might tell you about some of...

Stronger Bodies, Stronger Minds

February 17, 2005

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Back when I was in high school, athletes were not smart. The football players were the classic 'dumb jocks' that you see in movies, and brains were the only thing that the non-athletic kids could lord over the athletes with. Sure, the hockey player could beat up the Mathlete member, but he always had the knowledge that, we...

WANTED: Non-Northeasterners

February 3, 2005

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You might ask yourself why someone from New Jersey is writing about not being from the Northeast. Well, the truth of the matter is I never identified myself with the surf culture of the Jersey shore, and here at this cold New England school I don't really identify with the ski and snowboard culture either. I have no anger ...


October 16, 2004

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In 1988, a small group of Latinos started to meet in a supportive social setting and began inviting others to join them. They were lead by Cesar Murillo (deceased in the September 11th attacks) and Philip Gonzalez. With the encouragement of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, they decided to pursue Student Government Association re...

Making the Grade: Tutors Wanted

April 5, 2004

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Does your course material lack clarity? As a veteran math tutor, I would have to say Subject-Area Tutoring has been a success for both tutors and tutees at the University of Vermont. The Learning Cooperative offers a variety of excellent tutors mostly in courses that have been traditionally difficult for the first or second ...

Climate Change and UVM

February 23, 2004

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There is a growing political consensus that global climate change is one of the most significant environmental issues facing the world today, and that carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gases" from the burning of fossil fuels play a key role in changing the global climate. The scientific evidence has solidified to the point th...

UVM Women’s Health Center

February 17, 2004

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Lying one short block from main campus, the Women's Health and Nutrition Center can be accessed through the 425 Pearl Street entrance of the University of Vermont's Health Center Building. Take the elevator to level two, turn right and walk down a short hallway past a few doors. A black and white sign indicating the Women's He...

A Brief History of the UVM AdvoCats

November 3, 2003

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"AdvoCat-led tours are very important to prospective UVM students. We think high school students visit colleges and universities in hopes to find a school where they could 'see' themselves for four years," said AdvoCat leaders Kim Howard and Susie Kwon. "So, the AdvoCats are living and breathing a UVM life and for that next...

Golden Key Honor Society

October 27, 2003

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Golden Key is an academic honours society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines. The Society awards its members nearly $500,000 annually through 17 different scholarship and award programs. Members are also connected to exclusive ca...

Presidential And Vice-Presidential Candidate Bios

March 3, 2003

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This week Cynic is running bios of candidates for the posts of President and Vice-President of the Student Government Association. Next week the Cynic will officially endorse one candidate for president and one for Vice-president. All candidates were asked the same question: WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE CU...

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