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Golden Key Honor Society

October 27, 2003

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Golden Key is an academic honours society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines. The Society awards its members nearly $500,000 annually through 17 different scholarship and award programs. Members ar...

Presidential And Vice-Presidential Candidate Bios

March 3, 2003

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This week Cynic is running bios of candidates for the posts of President and Vice-President of the Student Government Association. Next week the Cynic will officially endorse one candidate for president and one for Vice-president. All candidates were asked the same question: WHAT DO YOU THINK IS TH...

Course Registration For Geniuses

November 4, 2002

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With another semester coming to a close we are all asking the same questions: Can professors be bought, or do they have the uncompromising convictions/morals of Steven Segall in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory? When will Too Legit: The MC Hammer Movie be released on video? I can read?, and What classes ca...

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