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Part of the Past: Eugenics and UVM

March 20, 2007

The Vermont Eugenics Survey began at UVM during in the mid 1920s as a result of the New Deal as an attempt to "Breed Better Vermonters". Eugenics is a Social Darwinist idea created in the late nineteenth century by Sir Thomas Galton (Charles Darwin's cousin).Henry Perkins, UVM professor and chairman of ...

UVMtv Shows Great Popularity

March 20, 2007

UVMtv has grown a lot over the past few years. When Sean Dempsey, a senior and current president of the on campus television station, got involved as a sophomore there were only two channels, both of which played movies on a continuous loop. Dempsey and two friends got the station off the ground and broug...

Defining a Vermonter

March 8, 2007

We are at a point in history where our world is more interconnected than ever before, but also, quite peculiarly, our world is just as divided and disconnected as it has ever been. It is a sad situation, of which our beautiful, bucolic state is no exception. For a state so high in social capital, with such...

Studying Work Study

March 8, 2007

Stereotypically, a college student's biggest decision week to week is to decide whether to buy beer or dinner on Saturday night. Students are often poor and don't always make the best fiscal choices. Like most universities UVM included offer a work study program to help ease the cost of living burden...

Frozen Fashion

March 8, 2007

The Vermont Fashion Net-working group met to discuss Vermont's fashion sense Wednesday night at the Fletcher Free Library. Images of Burlington's oldest residents leafing through newspapers in comfy chairs may come to mind, but the issue of the night was "Vermont and the Catwalk." Yet, in a city with...

The Rocks in Your Shoes

March 8, 2007

Every few months (or every few days, in the case of science majors), college students are faced with a trial commonly referred to (in hushed tones) as an All Nighter. There are two types of students: those who are bogged down with work, and those who procrastinate ridiculously. Both groups eventuall...

Status Sneaks Up on Burlington

March 8, 2007

Status sits on Church Street in the shadow of Borders, across the street from the rest of the large chain clothing stores that line Burlington's prime shopping real estate. It's a small shop, about 12 feet across and 30 feet deep. Track lighting lines the ceiling and illuminates the austere wire and ...

UVM Students Solve Whodunnit

March 8, 2007

There is a large group of semi-well dressed students lined up at the foot of three steaming, linen covered tables. The lights are low. Voices in strange and foreign accents rise out of the solemn conversational din of the hungry students ready to feast on spinach fettuccini and meatballs, large vats of...

A Breath of Fresh Air

March 8, 2007

It was Friday night. My friend and I were out, trudging through the snow to a party downtown, bickering over a good time to pull the plug on the fun and head back up to campus. Instead of waking up leisurely, feasting on waffles and omelets and starting some work before it was officially nighttime and the e...

Departing Sarcastic Columnist Questions Meaning of Life, Own Self-Worth

March 8, 2007

Elias Altman, a sarcastic and pretentious senior from Vermont, had an excessively long daydream about his precarious place in the world on Friday, March 2, in the library. "Well," Altman said to him-self as he pored over a book of paintings by Caspar David Freiderich, "I just don't know where I will go... A Legal Way to Watch

March 8, 2007

The idea of having virtually any movie or TV show at your fingertips for free is unfathomable for most college kids. We spend hours finding ways to avoid paying for anything from a slice of pizza to a lift ticket to Smuggs'. At least I do. So when I heard about free movies and television from a Web sit...

Bringing Up the Rear

February 27, 2007

In a study of the richest nations of the world, UNICEF deemed the United States the second worst place to be a child, second only to the United Kingdom. The study ranked wealthy nations in six broad categories such as family and peer relationships, and children's own sense of well being. The U.S. was ...

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