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Open Letters to Celebrities

February 24, 2003

Dear Master Selleck, It's not often that I have the opportunity to address a thespian of your grade. Usually I would have to suffer celebrities of a far lesser caliber (I'm pointing in your direction Nicholas Cage; don't think you're off the hook either, Fred Savage), but not today! Today I address a...

Graffiti Art On The UVM Campus

February 24, 2003

Graffiti can be found in many places around the UVM campus, most notably on the walking path from Redstone to Main campus. It was on this path that I began looking for the graffiti of UVM. As I began walking from Redstone to Main campus I was struck by the seeming lack of conspicuous graffiti. Was this ...

Friends of the Tradition Bring Indian Music to Vermont

February 24, 2003

What's hotter than curry? Master of the Indian sarod George Ruckert is, and he's coming to campus on Saturday, March 1st. The hypnotic rhythms of the sarod will be accompanied by the Tabla (hand drums) played by New England's own Jerry Leake. The show is brought to campus by The Friends Of Indian Music ...

Eating Disorder Awareness Week To Be Marked With Events And Activities On Campus

February 24, 2003

UVM Center for Health & Wellbeing's HOPE Team (Help Overcome Problem Eating) is pleased to offer a variety of programs for Eating Disorder Awareness Week from Monday, February 24th through Monday, March 3rd. Please visit to find out more about Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2...

What’s Happening in SGA

February 18, 2003

The Student Action Committee of the SGA has been continuing their work with a variety of issues. Advocating against the proposed Burlington noise ordinance, that would increase fees and indirect accountability for noise violations for people living off campus. The ordinance will be discussed at the...

Maya Angelou to Come to Campus

February 18, 2003

On March 28, Maya Angelou will be visiting campus to speak at the Patrick Gymnasium at 8 pm. Sponsored by the Senior Class Council, Angelou's presentation is the senior class gift to the UVM community this year. Last year the Senior Class Council started a tradition called the Speaker Seri...

Why You Wanna Give Me a Run-Around?

Alison Murray

February 3, 2003

"Hi, I was wondering who I could talk to about studying abroad in Ireland?" I ask a shorthaired woman sitting behind a side desk at the Study Abroad Office in Living and Learning section B. "Have you attended an info session?" "Yes, I already know which program I want to go on. I just need to know...

Open Letters To Celebrities

Nicholas Green

February 3, 2003

Dear Steve (is it okay if I call you Steve?), How's it going? Now that the small talk is out of the way, let's get serious. I'd like to learn karate, but I can't afford the classes, this is where you come in. Since you already know karate it'll be really easy for you to teach me. Right now I'm betwe...

Pro Anorexia Websites

November 15, 2002

I guess this should be addressed to everyone at UVM. Being the boyfriend of an anorexic-bulimic girl, I have found a new enemy to my efforts to help her overcome these illnesses. This enemy comes in the form of websites nicknamed "Pro-Ana" or "Pro-Mia" sites. These are forums and chat rooms where per...

UVM Continues to Diversify Student Body with Partnership Programs

November 11, 2002

Three years ago, UVM began a partnership with Christopher Columbus high school in the Bronx. The aim of this program was to build diversity on UVM's mostly white campus and to encourage Columbus seniors to consider colleges outside the New York City metropolitan area. The partnership has been very su...

Course Registration For Geniuses

November 4, 2002

With another semester coming to a close we are all asking the same questions: Can professors be bought, or do they have the uncompromising convictions/morals of Steven Segall in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory? When will Too Legit: The MC Hammer Movie be released on video? I can read?, and What classes ca...

Zuckerman and Kiss Discuss the Issues

November 4, 2002

Over the last six weeks, we've had the opportunity to go to every UVM dorm, walk on every floor and knock on your door as part of our effort to register new voters and to talk about the issues. Our message is clear: as Progressives we bring an independent voice to Montpelier. We work on issues an...

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