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Messing With the Market: Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Justin Irving

December 8, 2005

Finding affordable housing in Burlington has been a challenge for many, especially in recent years. UVM students have been feeling the squeeze too. Chris Dubois a second year commuter student lamented, "I tried to find an apartment before the semester started, and there wasn't anything available for under...

Sudan: Shameful Absence of Action

December 6, 2005

"We must never forget our collective failure to protect at least eight hundred thousand defenseless men, women and children who perished in Rwanda ten years ago. Such crimes cannot be reversed. Such failures cannot be repaired. The dead cannot be brought back to life. Let us not wait until the worst ha...

Master Planning and the Future of UVM

December 6, 2005

Master Planning began at UVM during the 1966-1967 school year with the guidance of world renowned landscape architect Dan Kiley. Brought in as a consultant, Kiley proposed development according to five pivotal goals - "a pedestrian campus with parking restricted to certain areas at the periphery; ne...

The Wage Gap Debate Continues

November 29, 2005

The Wage Gap does exist. The problem of pay inequality between the sexes persists. Full time women workers average $30,724 in annual earnings compared to men's $40,668, or about 75.5 cents on the male dollar. Not all women and men work full time. Among all working-age adults, the gap is considerably wider-wom...

Exploring the Livable Wage Discourse

November 15, 2005

When observing the debate that has been surrounding these issues of wages and unions, one will notice that there seems to be two conflicting ideologies in the student body. The first is that which is staunchly opposed to increasing the wages for the UVM employees and the second ideology is that w...

Georgetown and Livable Wages

November 15, 2005

Even though there is a lot of activism on the UVM campus, what is the climate like at other universities and colleges? Have any universities agreed to give all workers living wages including costs for all basic necessities? Georgetown University and Washington University have taken recent steps to...

Record Setting Oil Profits

November 15, 2005

Oil reached an all time record high of about $70 a barrel in August, and though it has backed off a good deal, it is still expensive at about $58 a barrel. The American economy has so far been able to handle these prices with relative ease; growth in the 3rd quarter was 3.8 percent, 2 tenths higher th...

Calculating the Livable Wage in Vermont

Russell Trzaska

November 15, 2005

Livable Wage is the hourly rate that a person in a given family situation needs to earn in order to meet his/her basic needs. These basic needs, as defined by the Vermont Joint Fiscal Office, include separate budgets for food, rent & utilities, transportation, child care, clothing & household expenses,...

Applying Livable Wage at the University of Vermont

Russell Trzaska

November 15, 2005

Currently, the possibility of instituting Livable Wage as a policy for all UVM employees is an issue that concerns the Student Government, the Administration, SLAP, Good jobs @UVM, the Peace and Justice Center, and every individual who is a student or employee of the university. The exact number of...

The Fall Institute on Prejudice: A Thought-Provoking Success

Russell Trzaska

November 8, 2005

UVM's Department of Psychology recently hosted the sixth annual Fall Institute on Racism, Heterosexism, Bias and Oppression, bringing a diverse range of scholarly speakers to campus. The three-day event included workshops, films, lectures, discussions, and casual receptions aimed at bettering peoples' ...

Frank Bryan Debates New York

Paul Damon

November 8, 2005

According to a recent historical debate over Vermont's acceptance into the Union, New York could owe Vermont anywhere from $584,000 to $1.32 billion (nominal late 18th century terms). That figure is without accrued interest. The reparations stem from the 1791 ruling in which Vermont, to be accepted ...

The Rational Mind of A Drug Dealer

Nate Flannery

November 1, 2005

In the not too recent past criminals were wantonly killed and dissected publicly in order to give the public a look into the medical make-up of the deranged and irrational criminal being. While most people would shun such brutal anti-crime tactics, it is reasonable to believe that most people would pr...

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