The Vermont Cynic

SGA Presidential and Vice Presidential Election

February 23, 2004

Every year, around early to mid February whispers echo throughout the halls of Billings Student Center, many concerning SGA Presidential elections. 2004 has proved, if nothing else, no different from previous years in this respect. With only three presidential candidates and two vice presidential candidate...

UVM Professor’s Paper Named to Top 10 of 2002

December 8, 2003

Derk Pereboom, professor and chair of philosophy, is no dualist - he doesn't neatly cleave the workings of the mind from the mechanisms of matter - but he is troubled by the tendency of some of his peers to argue that the physical basis of thought trumps all, that psychology is really microphysics. H...

UVM Student Attacked, Officer Wants Job Back

September 29, 2003

Campus safety at the University of Vermont has always been an issue in the back of many students' minds. Last Monday night it was brought right to the front when an unidentified suspect attacked and knocked to the ground while walking up Main Street towards the intersection with South Willard Street. The suspect, ...

Student Robbed in Tupper Hall; Misidentified Student Detained

November 11, 2002

Last Wednesday at approximately 3:00pm, a resident of Tupper Hall was robbed and held at knifepoint. The assailant is described as a dark-skinned, moderate to dark toned, 6 feet-6'2", slender to average build, age 18-22. He was described as wearing a puffy black horizontal-stitched parka, blue jean...

Date Rape Drugs Hit Vermont

October 19, 2002

The use of date rape drugs is steadily on the rise throughout Vermont, claiming victims statewide. The targets of these debilitating drugs are, generally, young women of college age or in their early 20s; the scene of the crime is typically a bar or private party environment. "This is really a serious...

UVM Purchases Trinity

October 9, 2002

The University of Vermont Board of Trustees announced plans last week to acquire the entire campus of Trinity College, located on Colchester Avenue in downtown Burlington. The 14.3 million dollar purchase will expand UVM's main campus by more than 20 acres and grant access to 17 new buildings. President Fogel expressed ...

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