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Plastic water bottle ban remains sore spot

Different beverages for sale in plastic bottles sit in coolers in Redstone Marketplace, Nov. 20. A University-wide ban was enacted in 2013 to ban the sale of plastic water bottles.

Maryann Makosiej, Cynic News Reporter

December 6, 2019

Despite six years passing since UVM banned the sale of bottled water, the ban’s origin and impact remains controversial. The ban, intended as an act of investment into local water, may have caused students to drink more sugary beverages and buy more plastic, single-use containers, according to the UV...

A campus divided: students split over free trip to Israel and Palestinian territories

A campus divided: students split over free trip to Israel and Palestinian territories

Emma Pinezich and Sawyer Loftus

December 5, 2019

One year ago, UVM Hillel, a Jewish student group, was offered funds for a trip to Israel and Palestine territories.  The source of that funding came under fire from student activists supportive of Palestine and remains criticized a year later.   

SGA explores adding a third branch of student government

Senior Zach Merson, speaker of the senate and chair of the Constitution Committee, addresses the senate body at a meeting, Nov. 19. Merson spoke about moving towards creating an SGA judicial branch.

Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter

December 4, 2019

SGA’s Constitution Committee will explore how to add an additional judicial branch to handle internal SGA conflicts.  Senior Zach Merson, speaker of the senate and chair of the Constitution Committee, brought the idea of the addition to the entire SGA Nov. 19. Merson said currently there are on...

SGA senator selected to represent students and Burlington residents

SGA senator Hannah King, a sophomore, participates in an SGA meeting, Nov. 19. King now sits on the Ward 8 steering committee.

Zoe Stern, Cynic News Reporter

December 4, 2019

An SGA senator will now represent both UVM students and other Burlingtontonians as a member of the Ward 8 Steering Committee.  Sophomore Hannah King, senator on the Committee on Legislative and Community Affairs, was the second elected member from Ward 8. “Each ward has their own Neighborhood ...

Environmentalist Bill McKibben tells UVM to divest

Environmentalist Bill McKibben addressed a crowd of about 200 hundred students Dec. 2 at UVM. McKibben said UVM needs to divest from fossil fuels.

Emma Pinezich, Assistant News Editor

December 3, 2019

One of the most famous American environmentalists urged UVM to divest from fossil fuels during a talk to hundreds at UVM about the climate crisis.  Over 200 students and members of the community gathered at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 2 in the Davis Center to hear author and environmentalist Bill McKibben dis...

Fact check: is UVM cutting classes?

Fact check: is UVM cutting classes?

Irene Choi, Cynic News Reporter

December 3, 2019

Posted on a cluttered Davis Center board, a poster with the image of a hand maneuvering a puppet has a message in white text with a red background strewn across its top. “Don’t be their puppet,” lays across the top, written in all capital letters , waiting for wandering student eyes. This poster and ...

UVM President unveils plan to freeze tuition

President Suresh Garimella addresses assembled media at a press conference, Nov. 14.

Sawyer Loftus, News & Sports Editor

November 18, 2019

UVM President Suresh Garimella said he plans to push the board of trustees to approve a tuition freeze for the 2020-21 school year.  This would be the first move of its kind in 40 years of UVM history, Garimella said at a Nov. 14 press conference.  The freeze would leave UVM’s tuition sticker price as it is right now. Costs would rema...

What we know about the fire in Discovery Hall

Firefighters stand outside Innovation and Discovery Halls Nov. 15. A chemical fire in a lab closed the two buildings down all day Friday.

Cynic News Staff

November 18, 2019

A chemical fire in one of UVM’s newest STEM buildings left a student injured and a portion of Central campus at a standstill, Nov. 15.  A “flash fire” erupted inside a chemical fume hood in a Discovery Hall lab just before 10 a.m. A team of graduate student researchers were working with chemi...

BREAKING: Fire closes Innovation and Discovery Halls

UVM Police Services Sgt. Chapman walks around the scene as first responders arrive.

Staff Report, Cynic News Staff

November 15, 2019

  Update 3: The fire department has given the all-clear. The Discovery and Innovation Halls are open, but all classes in those buildings are still canceled. Update 2: The fire started when a team of graduate students working in a lab were practicing with chemicals according to UVM spokespers...

UVM charts new course for Navigate

UVM charts new course for Navigate

Julianne Lesch, Cynic News Reporter

November 13, 2019

Changes to be made to address faculty concerns

Student demand for CAPS services rises

Jacob’s House on Main Street is one location that offers counseling hours for students. The locations that offer drop-in hours during the school year are the Prism Center and the Davis Center.

Irene Choi, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

An increase in student demand for mental health services has led to the creation of two new drop-in programs, Let’sTalk and THRIVE, from UVM’s Counseling and Psychiatry Services. At UVM, there has been a 5.6% average increase in student enrollment, but a 29.6% average increase in demand for ment...

McAuley Hall’s “hazardous” material removal delayed

McAuley Hall basks in the sunshine on Trinity campus, Nov. 1. Asbestos, one of the hazardous materials used in the construction of the building, was outlawed in the ‘70s because it causes cancer.

Lilly Page, Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

Renovations planned for McAuley Hall that would remove hazardous materials and other problems has been pushed back another year.  Students living in the hall right now are frustrated that the building contains hazardous materials, but a University official said there is no need to worry.  The 15-...

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