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Answers to Up in the Trees crossword

October 8, 2013

Across 6. Cypress 8. Oak 11. Needles 13. Olive tree 14. Ginkgo 15. Trunk 19. Sequoia 20. Green21. Spruce 22. Cedar  Down 1. Maple 2. Roots 3. Birch 4. Bonsai 5. Pine tree 7. Pine cones 9. Willow 10. Chestnut 12. Elm 16. Redwood 17. Acorns 18. Leaves...

Dorms to be transformed into private housing

October 7, 2013

Students living on campus should take note of their surroundings. By 2026, their residence halls could look dramatically different.The Student & Faculty/Staff Housing Master Plan, which has not yet been finalized by UVM?s Campus Planning Services, include some plans for private companies to build and...

High vacancies for nearby towns

October 7, 2013

With vacancy rates in Burlington hovering around the one percent mark according to a 2011 residential report, students often scramble to find housing and sign leases up to a year in advance.Although Burlington housing demand is strong, many surrounding towns like Winooski, Williston, South Burlington...

Housing plan would help city’s low vacancy

October 7, 2013

Shoebox dorms demolished, graduate students on Trinity and a new residence hall on Spear Street are all slated to happen under UVM?s Student and Staff/Faculty Housing Master Plan. The plan, intended to guide Campus Planning Services and Residential Life through 2026, calls for the University to build...

Landlords need fixing

October 7, 2013

Horror Stories:It?s no secret that students living downtown have been exposed to broken bathrooms, faulty utilities and unsanitary basements.According to Seven Days, students pay from $550 to $750 a month for a single bedroom, yet many landlords decide to pocket the high cost of rent rather than improv...

Neighborhood group wins $2k state grant

October 7, 2013

The members of one grassroots street group are getting their hands dirty? with soil, that is? to show how community gardening can ease tensions between students and Burlington residents. The Isham Street Gardening and Other Optimistic Doings Neighborhood Group (ISGOOD) have led several planting and recycling...

Tensions soar with F-35 jets proposal

October 7, 2013

Flying Tuesday through Friday with 12 takeoffs per day, the roar of F-16 jets has been a feature of life in the city of Burlington since 1994.Lawmakers proposed the deployment of F-35 fighter jets to replace the F-16 fleet at the Burlington air base last year, leading to a summer of protests, op-eds...

City’s safety assessed

October 7, 2013

? The number of break-ins and burglaries from dorms, sorority houses and off campus houses this semester was enough to cause concern in students and trigger a coalition of community groups to take action. Since the beginning of the semester there have been about 35 cases of larceny and six cases of b...

UVM cribs: men’s varsity basketball

October 7, 2013

Up the porch steps of 28 South Willard, the grill sent a bellowing cloud of smoke toward the street where one would have to strain their neck to greet members of the men's basketball team.  Some members of the team welcomed the Cynic upstairs where players, parents and coaches gathered for a barbe...

Lynguistic Civilians

October 3, 2013

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Pipeline Protest

October 1, 2013

? Student Climate Culture (SCC) protested against the Keystone XL Pipeline and to encourage UVM to divest from fossil fuel companies. SCC protested on Church Street and at the Investment Subcommittee Meeting in Waterman. The Keystone XL Pipeline would run from Canada to Texas....

Blu-Bin 3-D Printing

October 1, 2013

? Cynic Video visited Blu-Bin, Burlington's local 3D print shop located on Church Street. 

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