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Club Beat: Women’s Soccer Club

March 8, 2001

From volleyball to juggling, UVM has more clubs than you can imagine. The newest addition to this lengthy list of clubs is the recently formed UVM Women's Club Soccer Team. Although less than four months ago this club was nonexistent, it now consists of 45 members who are eagerly waiting for the snow...

The Silent Majority: Fighting for Their Right to Study

March 8, 2001

To the Editor:I was alone at dinner, so out of sheer boredom I grabbed this, the local rag, the Vermont Cynic. I almost never read the front page first, but my eyes were drawn to the headline, "Parasitic Injustice Draining the Life Out of Students" on page two (Feb. 23). "At last," I thought, "an editorial...

A Fine Supporting Cast’ Missed the Point

March 8, 2001

To the Editor: I'd like to point out a couple of factual errors in the March 3 Point-Counterpoint column "A Fine Supporting Cast." First, Jocelyn Elders, although she was ousted for her advocation of teaching masturbation, was not replaced by Janet Reno. Elders was the Surgeon General, and Reno...

Late Burst Lifts Cats Past UNH

March 8, 2001

The Lady Cats continued their winning streak by sliding pass New Hampshire 70-60, helping them secure the third place in the America East conference tournament. "We stuck to it in the first half but it was a bit of a struggle," said junior point guard Jen MacAulay. We picked up in the second half...

Slick Willy or Dull Dubya: Who is the Lesser Devil?

March 8, 2001

This is an unequalled moment in this history of democracy.A man who got less votes than his opponent in a recent election has been selected to be president by a biased court using unprecedented and faulty logic.The Committee on Governmental Reform, instead of investigating the highly questionable circumstances...

Phys Ed. Dept. Argues Against Abolishing Gym Requirement

March 7, 2001

On the evening of Feb. 28, the Student Government Association carried out a phone survey regarding a proposal that would greatly impact the entire student body, regardless of what college they were in. The proposal is to be discussed at a Faculty Senate meeting in the near future, and its subject is...

UVM Freshman Starting Multicultural Sorority Chapter

March 7, 2001

As an incoming student to the University of Vermont, Ebony Meyers was looking forward to joining a sorority. Looking into the Greek system, however, she found that the university was without a sorority that really appealed to her. For this reason, she is attempting to start a chapter of the national...

Cats Send Saints to Hell, Earn ECAC Tourney Berth

March 7, 2001

Freshman forward Patrick Sharp scored the go-ahead goal for Vermont on a wrap-around at 12:44 of the second period, propelling the Catamounts to a 8-4 victory over conference foe and national power St. Lawrence Saturday evening, securing a berth in the ECAC playoffs. "Our guys played some pretty...

Cynic Goes Online

March 1, 2001

The Cynic site is up and running.

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