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Kayakers protest restrictions

Kayakers protest restrictions

Bryan O'Keefe

March 24, 2016

Students may be unable to kayak on the Green River as a result of a licensing issue between the state and a local electric company. Morrisville Water and Light operates three hydroelectric dams — two on the Lamoille River in Morrisville and one on the Green River in Hyde Park. Since hydroelectr...

UVM seeks to cut ’40 percent rule’

UVM seeks to cut ’40 percent rule’

Ian Lund

March 22, 2016

The University of Vermont has tried to increase its state funding for eight years with no luck. Now, the school is trying to get new options by pushing the state to eliminate what the school calls the “40 percent rule.”   The law, established in 1959, requires UVM to set in-state tuiti...

Vermont bill guarantees paid sick leave

March 3, 2016

A bill recently passed by Vermont’s state legislature will guarantee paid sick leave for Vermont workers. The law will put in place a required amount of sick time, and forbid employers from preventing or punishing employees from using it, according to the official bill passed by the House and Senate....

Marijuana legalization bill passes the Vermont senate

March 3, 2016

Vermont is one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana.The Vermont State Senate voted 17 to 12 to pass the measure Feb. 18. It will now head to the Vermont House of Representatives. If the bill passes the House, it would then go to Gov. Peter Shumlin for approval.The bill would make it legal for Vermonters ages 21 and over to posses...

Kappa Sigma hosts fundraiser for Navy SEALS

March 3, 2016

Kappa Sigma Fraternity hosted a charity sleepover Feb. 26 to support the Navy SEAL Legacy foundation.This event was Kappa Sigma’s eighth annual Sleep Out for the Soldiers fundraiser. Brothers from UVM’s chapter and other chapters around New England camped out on the Kappa Sigma house lawn from Friday...

UVM, S. Burlington to consider new arena

UVM, S. Burlington to consider new arena

March 1, 2016

UVM and the city of South Burlington are looking into the possibility of making a multi-purpose recreational facility.South Burlington City Manager Kevin Dorn said no decision has been made to build the center and the city is only looking into the possibility of building it.“[UVM and South Burlington...

Local politicians attend Democratic debate watch

February 18, 2016

Local politicians are eager for young people to get involved in the political process, and they’re showing it by making appearances on campus. The UVM College Democrats hosted a Democratic debate viewing party Feb. 11 and several local politicians came to watch as well as make their pitches for s...

Vt. debates legalizing cannabis

February 11, 2016

Vermont is debating becoming the fifth state in the U.S. to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.Vermont would be the first state in the union to legalize through legislation - all other states have used a popular vote.The proposed bill, S-241, is currently before the State Senate committee on...

Students go campaigning in New Hampshire

February 9, 2016

UVM students campaigned in New Hampshire this past weekend, in preparation for the state’s primary.A local student group, UVM Students for Bernie Sanders, bused students to New Hampshire Feb. 6 to Feb. 9.He said he saw a broad spectrum of political views while campaigning.First-year Adrian Burnett is on...

UVM sells Ethan Allen Apartments for $3.9 Million

Alexandra Shannon

February 4, 2016

The Ethan Allen apartments were sold for $3.9 million by UVM to the Champlain Housing Trust.   The apartments were sold Jan. 31, according to a press release by the Champlain Housing Trust.   The Ethan Allen apartments consist of 31 units, and are a portion of the Fort Ethan Allen apartment com...

Sanders places second in Iowa Caucus

Sanders places second in Iowa Caucus

Bryan O'Keefe

February 3, 2016

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders nearly matched former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Iowa Caucus Feb. 1, according to the Associated Press. Sanders had 49.6 percent of the caucus vote, while Clinton had 49.9 percent of the vote, according to the AP. Former Governor of Maryland Mart...

UVM Medical Center joins effort to lower opiate abuse

Caroline Alkire

January 28, 2016

In a new initiative to reduce opiate usage, the Burlington Police Department is working with the UVM Medical Center and Mayor Miro Weinberger. All three parties will be working together to increase treatment for opiate users and decrease the amount of crime related to opiate use, according to a Jan...

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