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There and Back Again: A Brett Weir Tale

February 17, 2004

In my opinion, any sporting event that is held in Texas has the potential to be ten or twenty times more interesting than if it were held in any of the other 48 states (excluding New Jersey, because who wants to do anything in New Jersey?). Even though Super Bowl 38 featured the worst first half of a...

Be a Rebel, Vote Republican

February 17, 2004

Are you like me - sick of bipartisan politics? I mean, how much longer are we going to have to sit through all of this bickering between the two sides? It's about time the third party got a legitimate voice in our government! So, with all due respect to you Democrats and Independents, it's time for th...

Brothers Don’t Molest One Another

February 17, 2004

And to you Mr. Jay: are you the advocate of the "perfect Greek house" or are you the moral voice for those people who are stereotyped and misunderstood?Through your scathing remarks to our brotherhood and obvious third person accounts of the events that have transpired we could not decipher which mor...

Eckztremely Eckzessive

February 17, 2004

Dear ESPN,A cool new trend has developed in our language today: misspelling. Your favorite way to misspell seems to be the use of the letter X to replace "ex" at the beginning of the word "extreme". You have used it in the spelling of your totally gnarly X-Games, a righteous competition that rocks all o...

George Bush is Way Worse than Bin Laden

February 17, 2004

During these Democratic political primaries, in which various upper class white men are struggling to take control of the "opposition" to the ruling Republican party, a few questions must be asked relating to the major tenant of the Democratic platform; opposition to the imperialist war in Iraq.With the excep...

Fraternity bashing

February 17, 2004

Dear Cynic,As someone who's been published in the Cynic, I have to tell you that the Op/ed peice by Meyers Jay on the Greek System and Delta Psi in particular was an apalling piece of hack jounalism. His obvious lack of research or connection to the issue he was writing on makes me wonder why he wr...

Response to “Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi”

February 14, 2004

To the editor:I am deeply saddened by the Cynic's decision to print an article lambasting an integral and important part of UVM, Delta Psi. Not only is the author of the article misinformed about most of his facts, he writes grudgingly as if he was denied entrance to one of our parties.Delta Psi was formed b...

Senseless Attack on Delta Psi

February 13, 2004

Meyers Jay's February 10th opinion editorial ("Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi") was an un-researched, contradictory, ignorant and poorly written rant fraught not only with malice but also with glaring errors. The actions of a small handful of misguided students will not seal the fate of a ...

the Brothers of Delta Psi, students

February 12, 2004

To the Editor,We understand the lengh of the article may be too long, but the content and publication stand to serve a greater purpose as we request this article to recieve ample consideration to be printed, Thank you.From the Brothers of Delta Psi, A response to the article from Meyers Jay.And to you Mr...

We’re All Entitled to Our Opinions

Joseph Sawczak

February 2, 2004

During my studentship here at UVM, certain things have begun to annoy me. Smokers, people who think they are eco-friendly, and loud, obnoxious drunk kids are on the top of my list. I'm getting really tired of hearing kids say things like, "Hey I haven't had a cig yet today," or "I haven't smoked we...


Julian Brizzi

February 2, 2004

All of my young life since the moment I was strong enough to lift a bottle, I have loved the booze. It makes women more approachable and attractive, keeps my spirits up (no pun intended), and if one knows about wine, then they have a much easier time being snotty more often.Until tonight, however, ...

This May or May Not Be Illegal

Rob Walker

February 2, 2004

To begin, I will say I have in my closet, Daniel Fogel, esteemed president of our university. This capture and holding is, as one will imagine, of great value to me as it would be to any others keeping in captivity the president of their school. I assure the readership that this position of unimaginable po...

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