Arts: “Face Control” melts faces, while giving us something to think about

Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry make up the core dynamic of the Handsome Furs agenda.Seattle-based record label Sub Pop describes the Handsome Furs sound as “the juxtaposition of cold, metronomic and electronic beats, courtesy of Alexei Perry, with the jagged, dissonant and frail, broken or breaking guitars of Dan Boeckner portray what it is to be a human being at the bottom of the twenty-first century.”The Handsome Furs have something to say about our current generation’s internet-obsessed social interactions. The cold and disconnected feeling Gen-Y’s have adopted is mirrored by the Handsome Furs’ lyricism and layered electronic structure.Combining a guitar-driven freak-out with the more controlled and structured synthesizers creates a dynamic in the album rarely attained by artists.The album’s single “I’m Confused” starts out catchy enough, with a steady cowbell and snare drum beat, then progressively introduces a fuzzy lo-fi guitar, hand clapping and static keyboards, creating a well-crafted pop song about the confusion technology has created in our already convoluted and nuanced way of life.”Passport Kontrol” appears to be an existential interlude with a mere minute and 24 seconds of hard percussion, guitar riffing and reverberating bass. One can’t help but feel cathartic while listening to it, as the track seems to exude the frustrations of Boeckner and Perry.”(White City)” turns the album on its head as it induces a more positive and upbeat sound than any other tracks. The sunny background synthesizers and guitar give the track a more uplifting perspective on the collective commentary the album sustains throughout.The Handsome Furs are not calling for a stand against the cold technological coma we have all succumbed to, yet they do make a solid argument.By using their extraordinary talents in musical composition, we are able to gain a darker, yet uplifting, perspective on our current and future ways of life, while dancing away our neuroses and social anxieties along the way.