Big Fish Big Success

Tim Burton has done it again. If you loved the imaginative plots, settings, and characters of Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you will truly appreciate Burton’s latest film, Big Fish.

This film is an extremely polished cinematic achievement. The casting is perfect, with big names such as Jessica Lange, Ewan McGregor, and Danny Devito acting in major roles. However, fresh faces are presented and succeed terrifically in measuring up to their revered counterparts. The cinematography is inspiringly brilliant and adds yet another dimension. The vibrant colors, and symmetry in the shots creates an ambience which envelops the zany plots and characters.

Big Fish reads like a bedtime story, while still retaining a dominating heroic touch. The real genius behind Big Fish is its universal appeal. It targets no viewing audience. Those who enjoy mindless viewing will be endlessly entertained by Edward Bloom’s outlandish tales of love, honor, adventure, and courage. However, those seeking profound themes will find a story riddled with life lessons and philosophical ironies. Tim Burton follows in the footsteps of all good story-tellers and provides copious symbolism to a fantastical dimension to his movie.

Burton had fulfilled a task so many in Hollywood overlook to focus on awards, revenue, and celebrity. He reminds the audience why we got out of the house in the first place; to be entertained, inspired, and emotionally moved. This is certainly the best feel-good movie out there this season.