Boombox is coming back to Burlington

Dynamic musical duo BoomBox will return to Higher Grounds March 21 to deliver some rock-disco house-vintage psychedelic melodies to all you funky resident of Burlington.

Calling Muscle Shoals, Alabama their home, BoomBox’s members, Russ Randolph and Zion Godchaux, come well-equipped to deliver a captivating musical fusion that is one of a kind.   

The DJ duo has Randolph on the grooveboxes and turntables and Godchaux’s with vocals and funky guitar melodies.

“Love is the fundamental energy that we’re trying to work with,” Godchaux said.

BoomBox’s musical talent is no coincidence. Randolph was born in Muscle Shoals home to many nationally accredited music studios where industry giants such as Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and many others have recorded.

Godchaux, originally from San Francisco, comes from a musical family. His parents are Keith and Donna Godchaux, instrumentalist and vocalist, respectively, from the Grateful Dead.

While the team said they  are very much inspired by house music from San Francisco, both members saw the great influence of Muscle Shoals on their band.

“It influences the way rhythm is approached,” Godchaux said. “It has, at a subconscious level, affected the music we make.”

Godchaux described Muscle Shoals as “simple place” with “sophisticated players.” He called players like The Swampers (also known as the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section), David Hood and Rodgers Hawkins influential, expressing deep respect and love for them.

As DJs, the duo tries to incorporate musical components and samples from popular musicians into modern beats that appeal to the electronic style that has thrived in the last decade.

“It’s not what you’re playing, but when you’re playing it,” Godchaux said, talking to the new and emerging generation of DJs. “Use your ears and follow what that the crowd is doing.”

“Creative juices tend to flow fluidly at night,” Godchaux said, so be sure to check out their show on March 21 at Higher Ground.