Border breaks group


One band is bringing an eclectic sound to the indie pop genre.

And The Kids, a three-piece band from western Massachusetts, is playing Feb. 20 at Higher Ground.

Hannah Mohan, lead-singer, guitarist and electric ukulele player and Rebecca Lasaponaro, drummer, met their Canadian keyboard player, Megan Miller, at the Institute for the Musical Arts, Mohan said.

The band releases their debut full-length album, “Turn To Each Other,” Feb. 17.

The band also has two shorter length albums, “Neighbors” and “Nothing Came First.”

“When I get pissed off at the government, that inspires me to write … when I feel like I can’t do anything,” Mohan said. “We also write a lot about not wanting anybody to feel alone,” Mohan said.

Songs like “No Countries,” which Mohan said asks questions like “Why can’t everybody be free, why can’t we just go wherever we want?” are relevant more than ever with the bands recent visa issues.

Right at the band’s highest moment, beginning their first tour, Canadian border officials stopped their keyboard player at the border, Mohan said.

While Miller was returning from a  family visit, Mohan said she ran into trouble at the border.

Mohan said border officials stopped Miller and told her they knew she was living in the States without a visa.

Mohan said that for the next six months, Miller won’t be able to cross the border, meaning And The Kids will be touring without their keyboard player.