Cheeseburger Donkey to headline Nectar’s

In a local music scene dominated by competing jam bands, funk bands, jazz bands or any combination of the three, there is one emerging rock band that stands out among all the rest: Cheeseburger Donkey. No kidding.Comprised of UVM seniors Dan Jacobson on bass and vocals, Erik Fosse on guitar and Julian Douglas on drums, the trio has reached back to their classic rock rootes to spin a unique sound of their.”My uncle taught me how to play bass and he used to play with Chuck Berry and the Isley Brothers, so he has taught me right,” Jacobson said.”We play old school Rock ‘n’ Roll and our biggest influences are definitely just the classic rock bands,” Douglas said.There is nothing new about a rock band citing iconic musicians Elvis and Otis Redding and legendary bands Cream and Led Zeppelin as influences, but these three are “just looking to melt some faces,” Jacobson said. “It’s about getting the music to be as loud, as fast and as rockin’ as possible.”Where does all of this unbridled passion stem from?”The underlying theme to our music is bringing the Cheeseburger Donkey home; we really just want him back,” Jacobson said.According to Jacobson, there is a creature among us. Yet to be sullied by doctored photos in cheap tabloids, this creature is the fantastically elegant Cheeseburger Donkey.”[Fosse, Douglas and I are] scientists and we’re very into genetic modification. So, we took the DNA of a donkey and we took the DNA of a cheeseburger and put them together and out came the Cheeseburger Donkey,” Jacobson said about their pet project.”Unfortunately, the Cheeseburger Donkey has gotten loose,” Fosse said.According to the trio, the people of Burlington should not fear the Cheeseburger Donkey. “I looked over at the window [at Nectar’s] that looks out onto Main Street and there it was, in all of its glory, looking right at me. And it was the best show we’ve ever had,” Jacobson said. While keeping eyes peeled for the donkey, keep an ear open for the trio and see how seriously Cheeseburger Donkey takes their music.Cheeseburger Donkey is playing with The Feverbreakers and a special surprise guest for the first annual Juice Fest on Saturday March 21 at 242 Main St. at 8 p.m.