Comedian jokes with students

Brent Morin opened his hour-long set with some jokes aimed toward the crowd, like pointing out that most of us were white.

Morin came to UVM for the UVM Program Board’s annual Labor Day Comedy show Sept. 7. in the Grand Maple Ballroom.

Morin, originally from Connecticut, now stars on NBC’s show “Undateable” and is a stand-up comedian.

The comedian took his place on stage against a subtly red background after on introduction by one of UPB’s coordinators.

Considering Morin’s success and obvious ability to host a good set, he walked on stage a little nervous.

The comedian had to take off his jacket after a few minutes and was sweating a bit, although it was hard to tell if it was due to nerves or just the lights.

He had an hour to perform, and about 40 minutes of his set was laugh-out-loud funny, (a good ratio for stand-up).

The comedian spent a few minutes feeling out the crowd and once he realized his audience was a group of immature college students, milked a hilarious story about having an erection while trying to take a math test.

Having already seen some of his jokes online, the repeats were noticeable.

Although I commend him for using new material.

On one occasion, Morin took 15 seconds to describe a two minute joke about how women go too far rejecting men, when a simple “no” will often suffice.

It was funny because it was a reference to his joke, and it would have been more effective if the comedian had given the story more time.

My favorite joke was a funny story Morin told about going over to an older woman’s house as a virgin and not knowing how to deal with the sexual experience.

Morin’s style stemmed from telling overly personal anecdotes and stories on his life.

Overall, it was well worth the $5 for the opportunity to see Morin live and hear some great jokes.

Although some might have cast the Labor Day Comedy Show aside as a “freshman activity,” it was an event intended for any student and a great way to welcome incoming students.