Concert to overtake Main Street

Just in time for the beginning of a new school year, one local band is bringing a new experience to Burlington.

Burlington-based band Madaila will host a concert on Main Street Sept. 4 featuring several other artists, including Lady Lamb, Marco Benevento and many more.

“It’s super fun to put on these off-beat shows at different locations,” singer-songwriter Mark Daly said. “We try and create an experience. It’s not just a show; you go and you leave, there are other activities, other bands. It’s a ‘happening,’ almost. With that comes a lot more work and coordination, too.”

Brian Mital, manager of Nectar’s Bar and Lounge, has played a vital role in organizing the event, keyboardist Eric Bremser said

Mital said the event has been a long time coming.

“We have wanted to shut down the street for a block party for a couple of years, and I couldn’t think of a better way to finally throw a party out there than with Madaila at the top of the bill,” he said.

Madaila’s work with Nectar’s is one of many community connections that has made planning the event possible, Bremser said. The concert will also be sponsored by Zero Gravity brewery and Citizen Cider cidery.

“We don’t have a ton of disposable income,” Bremser said, “so we’ve sort of been forced to be creative and that’s been part of the strategy in doing cool shows, and then we end up working with our friends, helping each other along, seeking out support from the sponsors from the community.”

Bremser said in addition to community support, the group’s own ambition is a key factor of their success. 

“We’re extremely ambitious with where we want to be, to the point of just believing so strongly that we’re gonna get there; that we don’t even consider the alternative,” he said. 

According to Madaila, this is also what pushes the group to seek out uncommon and bizarre venues, like Echo Aquarium or City Hall Park, and now Main Street.

The concert will take place in a sectioned-off block of Main Street between Church St. and South Winooksi Ave., according to the event website.

Mital said planning the event has been a long and involved process. 

“We worked closely with Police, Fire, Public Works and DLC to make sure we had covered all of our bases for a safe and ridiculously epic event,” he said.

Not only is the venue new, so is the music. Madaila said they will be debuting their latest album, “Traces,” at the show.

“We’re trying to play as much new music as we can, which is gonna be cool and exhilarating to be playing stuff that no one has ever heard,” Daly said. “Keeping the audience on their toes will be fun.”

Additionally, Madaila will share the stage with Boston-based group Twiddle to perform an improvised set.

“We’re trying to create an experience that’s memorable enough that people will be talking about it for weeks, if not, hopefully, months after the fact” Daly said.

Tickets are on sale now starting at $25.