Don’t Let These Guys Give You The Slip

This coming Saturday night, October 25h, don’t miss a truly unique, original, and exciting band called The Slip, which will be performing down the street at Winooski’s own Higher Ground. The Slip is a trio consisting of brothers Andrew Barr (drums), Brad Barr (guitar), and longtime friend and bandmate Marc Friedman (bass).

Over the last couple years, as it has increasingly built a bigger following and drawn more national attention, The Slip has been categorized in the large over-generalized genre of “jam bands”. This is not entirely inaccurate; the band does “jam,” and it plays the same festival circuit as jam bands such as The Berkshire Music Mountain Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, and Bonnaroo, but really, there is no other band quite like The Slip.

The Slip’s music includes large elements of improvisation, in addition to concise lyrical ballads. The band samples from many different musical styles, such as jazz, rock, world beat, and funk, while always staying true to its original sound. This sound is unparalleled and not really like any of the aforementioned musical styles. The Slip can take you on a musical journey from a free-form ambient mantra, to a highly danceable and funky groove, to a crazy spaced out polyrhythmic mudslide, to an intense dissonant yet melodic climactic build, and then release you with a blissful lullaby, leaving you drenched in sweat and tears, all the while praising the lord.

One of the things that distinguishes The Slip from other bands is the very genuine and personal human characteristics of the band. Advocates of social change, sustainable living, and peace on earth, the individuals who comprise The Slip are sensitive and caring people whose music is not separate from their personalities or consciences. And like all people, they are not incapable of “off” nights, yet most of the time they deliver the goods.

(If you really want to have some fun, preview them in Montreal on Friday the 24th at the internationally acclaimed club Le Swimming. A good time should be had by all.)

The Slip is also laying a solo show in Billings North Lounge on Sunday night showcasing his talents as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, and it’s only 5 dollars at the door.

The Slip is kind of like a box of chocolates… And not everyone always gets the band the first time they see it, or at all; but once you get it, you got it. Brad Barr once told my good friend Benny Tilchin, “It’s not about playing music… It’s about loving music, and playing love.”