Dopapod Preview 

 Dopapod will be performing at Higher Ground at 9 p.m. Friday Nov. 13.
Dopapod will be performing at Higher Ground at 9 p.m. Friday Nov. 13.

Dopapod, a funk-rock band, will be performing at Higher Ground at 9 p.m. Friday Nov. 13.

“We throw ourselves into the jam band genre. We’re funk-rock that improvises a lot with heavy, almost progressive rock and electronic elements,” Scotty Zwang, who plays drums for the band, said.

Zwang is the most recent member of Dopapod.

Zwang replaced former drummer Neil Evans in 2013, and joined keyboardist Eli Winderman, guitarist Rob Compa and bassist Chuck Jones to create the current line-up.

Winderman, Compa, and Jones all came together while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Zwang attended some community college with the idea of transferring to Berklee, but in his second semester he decided it wasn’t for him. Instead, Zwang played music, toured, and teched.

The name of the band is credited to Winderman, who started the band.

Dopapod comes from the word dopamine and the fact that Winderman likes palindromes, Zwang said. “Eli is a fan of symmetrical objects, and likes that it says the same thing forwards and backwards,” Zwang said.

This will be Zwang’s third time with the band at Higher Ground and the band’s fourth time. They have also played in the city of Burlington before, at venues including Nectar’s.

“I love Vermont. It’s so beautiful, especially in the fall. I’ve been going for years. My girlfriend and her family are from Burlington so I’ll be back for Christmas,” Zwang said.

Compa writes the majority of their songs and comes up with a lot of ideas for them. The first song that they all wrote together was Nerds.

Everyone in the band also does musical work outside of it, although Dopapod is the main focus. “Doing something outside of Dopapod helps build our character as musicians,” Zwang said.

The set lists are “completely different each time,” Zwang said. “We try not to play anything twice at the same city or venue or the night before.”

The band is still working on building themselves up. There have been a lot of times when they’ve been sleeping on couches and have even woken up next to dog feces a few times.

“In most sense of touring and what we’ve been doing, we’re pretty happy. It would be really nice to play some bigger venues,” Zwang said.

The drummer’s favorite song varies from night to night and depending on how much he has been performing a particular one. “My ultimate favorite is Brain Dead,” Zwang said.

One of the band’s most exciting venues was Morgantown, West Virginia. “We couldn’t say goodbye because they wouldn’t stop cheering. That’s kind of our plan, to have our audiences like that. This is typically the case in college towns,” Zwang said.

Dopapod recently played at Hoolaween in Florida, which was another great venue and was fun because of all of the costumes, Zwang said.

“We have this one fan, I guess he goes by Ray Ray, who has been at the front row for a lot of our Colorado concerts. He’s great, he just goes crazy,” Zwang said.

Zwang tell us to get to the show nice and early in order to see the opening.