Folk act jams multi-instrumentally

Whether it’s bluegrass, folk, alternative rock, electronica, reggae, jazz or funk, Keller Williams plays it all. On March 27 at Higher Ground, the one-man jam band from Fredericksburg, Va. will be rocking out during their one-night show. Williams’ instruments of choice are just as diverse as his musical style. In addition to singing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him pick up and play guitar, bass guitar or piano — all in one night.While this might sound scatter-brained to some, Williams’ reasoning for his constantly changing routine is quite simple.”I can’t play the same type of music all night without getting bored,” he said.Williams has neither a favorite instrument nor type of music, though all of his music is rooted in acoustic guitar — which he has been playing since age 13. Williams incorporates various elements of Michael Hedges, The Grateful Dead, Victor Wooten, Bobby McFerrin and Phish to create a musical style all his own. He has used elements of all of their music in some way, Williams said.Music was not his first career choice. He did not even have his first gig until three years after he started playing music.After graduating from Virginia Wesleyan College, he decided to pursue music as a career. He advises young musicians to follow a similar path and not only rely on music-based job. “Play for yourself,” he said, “but you should definitely have a backup plan.”In the years since he began performing, Williams has toured with bands such as The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey’s McGee, Yonder Mountain String Band and Ratdog.As it is impossible to play so many instruments at once, Williams uses a technique known as live phrase sampling, or looping. He records his music as he is playing on stage — as opposed to before the concert, as many musicians do. He then plays the recording back while playing another instrument, allowing him to layer his sounds.The doors for the solo show open at 8 p.m., and the show begins at 9. The show — open to all ages — still has tickets available for $23.