Halloween offers: trick or treat or TBS

If you thought black eyeliner and skinny jeans died out with your teenage angst, you should have been at Higher Ground for Taking Back Sunday’s recemt show — and this is not just directed toward girls. Bad Rabbits and The Maine both opened for a not-so-packed venue on Oct 31. Dressed in Halloween garb, the bands were energetic and talented, setting the stage for the highly anticipated headliner. Taking Back Sunday took the stage donned in zombie face paint. The band mixed newer songs with old favorites. The first new song they played was “Faith (When I Let You Down).”      They also snuck in a cover of Straylight Run’s “Existentialism on Prom Night” that kicked the energy up a few notches. The first oldie-but-goodie was “A Decade Under the Influence,” during which the volume of crowd members’ voices competed with that of lead singer Adam Lazzara. The placement of this song in the set was impeccable: smack dab in the middle of two new songs, ensuring the crowd was excited for what came next. The band followed up “Decade” with new track “You Got Me.” Just in case that wasn’t enough, Lazzara took a few extra steps to make sure the crowd was really paying attention. During “You Got me,” Lazzara took a stage dive, and landed among a crowd waiting with open arms. Making his way back to the VIP section, he performed the rest of the song, allowing those in the back row to snag the front row view. He remained in the crowd for “Makedamnsure,” running around and sharing the mic with those who could keep up. The last song of the set was “Cute without the ‘E’,” and the room was still rowdy from Lazzara’s trip to the crowd. In an encore that brought the loudest screams of the night, Taking Back Sunday closed with “There’s no ‘I’ in Team,” resulting again in a vocal battle between the crowd and Lazzara. Though not quite sold out, the show was a success. The music did not overpower the vocals, all three bands were engaging and entertaining and the few a cappella’s from the crowd were flawless. The combination of the bands and the show being on Halloween made for a perfect trip down memory lane: dressing up in a costume, listening to the music of your teenage years and remembering the styles that you had kind of hoped had gone out of fashion by now.