Kaskade brings heat, leaves chill


Ryan Raddon, or better known to his gratifying fans as Kaskade, is an American-born DJ and producer who has had one of the largest impacts on the growth of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) here in the United States.

Already blowing minds with his past six albums, he DJed his way into the hearts of EDM fanatics once again with his new album, “Fire and Ice,” released on Oct. 22.

He further attracted attention when, just over a month before the release, Kaskade was voted “America’s Best DJ 2011” from a poll in DJ Times. 

For any DJ, it’s hard to follow previously successful albums, but Kaskade was in for a tough battle with his last album, “Dynasty,” debuting at four on the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart and 104 on the Billboard 200. 

The release of two singles before the album came out — “Eyes,” featuring Mindy Gledhill, and “Turn it Down” — gave fans a taste of what was to come.

As it turned out, “Fire and Ice” debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard top 200 and No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, generating a wave of well-deserved recognition for the DJ. 

Displaying Kaskade’s originality even more deeply, the album is divided into two CDs. The first CD, “Fire,” has all of the original tracks he did in collaboration with artists such as Skrillex, Skylar Grey, Haley, Mindy Gledhill and Neon Trees.

The second CD, “Ice,” features only Kaskade’s own remixes of the songs from “Fire.”

With a good deal of variety, the album meets the needs of any music mood.

While “Fire” is more upbeat and keeps listeners waiting for the drop, “Ice” has a more low and relaxed tempo for a calming experience.

Surprise comes in full force with his song “Waste Love,” featuring Quadron. The song displays a jazzy feel, unlike most of what Kaskade produces.

“Lick it,” “Llove” and “Lessons in Love” bring a raging energy to level the album out with the soothing vibe from the songs on the “Ice” CD.

Although each song covers different qualities within the EDM genre, they all exemplify the kind of original and vibratious DJ that Kaskade has proven to be.

“Fire and Ice” is a must buy for anyone who respects and enjoys EDM.