Let the Raves Begin

Those who strolled by the bookstore on Friday, November 11th probably witnessed (or took part in) an unusual spectacle. From noon until 3:30 pm a solid group of thirty students, fueled by Rock Star energy drink danced and raved through the harsh autumn winds.

The local food vendors stationed a few feet away gawked in bewilderment as a majority of students and staff breezed by as if nothing were happening. Those who actually stopped to watch the scene stared as if a bunch of headless chickens were on scavenger hunt. Little did spectators know that these free spirits were getting down to some of the best sounds surfacing from the trance/drum n’ bass scene.

Friday afternoon dance parties have been happening for several weeks now, but only did this particular afternoon gain notable attention. Perhaps it was just something in the air, the winding down of exams along with free Rock Star drinks that brought more kids together. Being one of the bunch of students letting loose, I can personally say that nothing but good vibes were felt all around. As hypnotic melodies poured from a MP3 player hooked up to a guitar amp, a fog machine went off every five minutes or so fueling the atmosphere. Free ring-pops were given out to those dancing their hardest and leaves were thrown into the air whenever a classic dropped its biggest beat.

While you may be wondering why those kids were there in the first place or whose actually behind this madness, let me just assure you that these Friday afternoon dance parties are not leaving soon. Creators of the “Library Rave in Front of the Bookstore,” Ben Orron a.k.a. DJ Shark Attack and Rodney Smyth, otherwise known as Rodney Danger, hope to rent out a room in Higher Ground when the Vermont temperatures reach an unbearable low. When I asked the boys why they started this in the first place, I was told it was celebrate the weekend and to let the ears of the UVM community hear musical stylization that they feel are not represented and/or are misinterpreted. Determined to get as many student as possible, dancing posters have been made (thanks to Tom Schnurr, 09′) advertising the music of Infected Mushroom, Paul Oakenfold, Lotus, and The New Deal. Perhaps I’m just a hopeful club kid from New York, but I feel the seeds of a small UVM tradition being planted.