Levity brings big laughs to Burlington


Whenever someone mentions fun or excitement in Burlington, one immediately thinks of music. Music is essential to Burlington’s nightlife, from various bars and clubs along Church and Main Street to the Higher Ground Ballroom. 

Everyone knows Burlington is a music hot spot, but did you ever think of Burlington as a hotbed for comedic talent? If not, you might want to think again.

Levity is an up-and-coming comedy club that seeks to bring some humor to the green mountain state. As it stands, it is the only comedy-exclusive club in the state of Vermont. 

The club came into existence on Oct. 1 of this year and held its first show on Oct. 14. 

Located on Center Street, Levity is a comedy club that places emphasis on helping aspiring stand-up comedians perfect their skills. 

Levity hosts an open mic night every Thursday and a comedic showcase every Friday. 

If you choose to attend the 8 p.m. show, it is advised that you buy your ticket about a week in advance; they usually sell out quickly.

The interior of the club itself is very aesthetically pleasing: Levity boasts a strong brick interior with mellow lighting and floral decorations throughout. 

It certainly is a relaxing atmosphere, one that is likely beneficial to the comedians that perform there as well as to the audience. 

The venue serves a variety of alcoholic drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee, milkshakes and tea. They also offer a variety of dessert items. 

The club also films every performance, including the open mic nights. Audience members can purchase each evening’s show.

 Ryan Kriger, Levity’s founder and owner, has intentions not only to provide people with food, drink and entertainment, but also to help new comedians get their big breaks.

“There are a lot of great comics [in the Burlington area] and one of the problems was that there just weren’t opportunities to get up onstage,” Kriger said. “One of the reasons I created this place was to give the comics a lot more opportunities to get stage time.”

Kriger said he also hopes to expand the club’s capacity and hold Saturday showcases along with other events. 

The Friday evening showcase held on Dec. 2 was an all-around entertaining event featuring five very talented stand-up comedians. 

Each comedian demonstrated his/her own unique style, from the self-depreciating musings of Tim Shaw to the social commentary – and equally self-depreciating stories – of Kit Rivers. 

A special note must be made about comedian Kit Rivers, who at the young age of 19 already shows potential to be a force in comedy. 

Her knowledge and execution, as well as her willingness to tackle often-risqué subjects, is something not seen in many comedians and is equally surprising considering her age. 

Due to its rotating comedy acts and comforting atmosphere, Levity is already a fairly popular Burlington spot. 

If their success so far is any indication, there is much more to come from this exciting new venue.