Man on a Ledge: The ultimate cliffhanger


In order to avoid ruining one of the jaw-dropping, gasp-aloud moments in “Man on a Ledge,” this review will leave you hanging just as much as the film does.

“Man on a Ledge” stars Sam Worthington as Nick Cassidy, an escaped convict who stages a suicide attempt to prove his innocence. Elizabeth Banks plays the mentally unstable negotiator Detective Mercer. 

The vast majority of the movie is spent on the ledge of a building. 

Though this film had the potential to be extremely dull, the stomach-turning view from the ledge, witty commentary, and Cassidy “making it rain” keep things spicy. What takes place in the building across the street also adds to the drama of the film.

Jamie Bell plays Nick’s brother Joey Cassidy. Joey and his girlfriend Angie, played by Genesis Rodriguez, are responsible for proving Nick’s innocence and keeping him alive. Despite the fact that they create some dramatic events of their own, the dynamic between Joey and Angie lightens up some of the more intense scenes in the movie.

The majority of the stunts in this film are feasible — not every risky scene goes on without a hitch. In addition to adding suspense, this gives the movie a sense of reality that most action movies can’t boast. 

The movie continuously drops surprises until the very last scene. Combine that with extremely good casting, a view of Manhattan from a 21-floor edge and a $40 million  jewel heist, and you’ve got yourself a movie worth seeing.