Moe. preview


Moe. is the ideal big festival band; however, the band will make its way to Higher Ground on March 1 at 8 p.m. The show has already sold out.

The American jam band was formed at the University at Buffalo in 1989. 

They grew in popularity with bands such as Widespread Panic and UVM’s own Phish by playing in over 20 large-scale, established festivals such as Bonnaroo in Tennessee, Lollapalooza in Illinois and a recreation festival of Woodstock ’69 in New York.

The band’s whopping 14 albums, all of which, with the exception of touring album “What Happened to the LA-LA’s, were released by independently owned label Fat Boy Records.

Owning a label has allowed the band the appropriate time needed for each album, according to Moe.’s Facebook page.

The band has taken part in a number of fundraising efforts, including benefit concerts for Bama Works Village Recovery Fund, the Kelberman Center and World Hunger Year.

Moe. has won four Jammy Awards — Best Live Album (L), Live Performance of the Year (Bonnaroo 2002), Best Studio Album (Wormwood) and Live Performance of the Year (Tsunami Relief Concert 2005) — which are all associated with live, improvisational music.

Burlington will be one of the closing locations on the band’s winter tour, prior to their 2012 tour of Europe, kicking off in mid-March.