New Kanye song is eh

Radical and highly opinionated, Kanye West has gathered his entourage once again to deliver his new single “All Day.”

The single is a part of his upcoming album, “So Help Me God.”

The track presents an odd collaboration with artists Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London, and yes, Paul McCartney, The Beatles legend.

For those who are wondering who the heck Allan Kingdom is, here’s the scoop.

Originally from Canada, Kingdom was recognized by Plain Pat, an executive record producer and songwriter who has managed Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys and of course, West himself.

Kingdom’s beats are sweet and fluid with a very modern feel, similar to the beats of Andre 3000, who inspired Kingdom.

Kingdom’s and other’s collaborations, however, bring nothing more than names to the table.

While some of these names  are emerging and others are are deeply rooted in the music industry, their contributions appear  insignificant  and unnecessary.

London and Kingdom features in the track are straightforward “hype verse.”

McCartney, who is featured, adds his whistling and short guitar chords. The lyrics were not any better than the collaborations.

The verses are poor an eccentric, typical of the new image West has developed over the years and lack of creativity when compared to earlier records such as “The College Dropout” and “Graduation.”

Kanye’s second album “The College Graduation” came out in 2004 and “Graduation,” his third album, came out in 2007.

Kanye’s new lyrics and tone are noticeably representative of the new  “hype” rap style that has swept the rap world and is gaining the attention of rap listeners across the globe.

This new style often features short, but aggressive and catchy verses accompanied by a trappy beat which the younger generation seems to have great pleasure in.

Ironically, the beat, produced by Charlie Heat, Diddy, French Montana and others seemed to be the only exhilarating contribution the track has to offer.

The beat is clean and simple with plenty of space to spit some serious rap.

And while yes; the beat is of value, it is not proportionate to the enormous collaboration of producers who should’ve delivered a hit by nature.

Ultimately, West’s new song delivered weak verses, an okay beat, and a whole lot names that took a whole lot of space in the credits.

While some artists thrive when experimenting and utilizing new styles of music production, perhaps West needs to stick to the basics.

Basics that have won him the loyalty of millions of listeners, a name in the industry and a net worth of $130 million. Adding more names to the table, his new album, “So Help Me God,” is set to release  May 10.

Other collaborations include 2 Chainz, Common, Rihanna, Drake and many others. Hopefully the rest of the album has more to offer than hyper verses and whistles.

While there is not a release date for his next album, it will be his seventh and  likely not his best.