North Beach grooves, silently

The term “rave” is typically associated with loud music and warehouses. What happens when the speakers and the noisy atmosphere are taken away? A silent disco is born. A silent disco is where the audience listens to music through wireless headphones in a quiet setting. The second the headphones are used the setting changes completely. Not only can a person hear each DJ so clearly, but can also switch channels and listen to a different DJ when there are two spinning at the same time. With the help of Burlington local event planning company 2K DEEP, North Beach experienced Vermont’s first Silent Disco. On Sept. 3, Silent Storm Sound System from Boston, blew away the beach — quietly of course. This Labor Day weekend party included 19+ DJs on two separate, user-controlled channels on wireless headsets. There were plenty of Vermont’s own DJs, but there were also a couple from New York City, including The Juan Maclean and Kuato. Not only did 2K DEEP plan this event but also three of their own DJs spinned. DJ Haitian, Sleezy D and Sharkat proved how 2k DEEP cannot only plan, but can perform. The DJs played a variety of music, ranging from electro house to dubstep. Once the headphones were on, all people could do was dance. It did not matter how hot it was, people just wanted to be moving with the music. The North Beach silent disco was also unique because it took place from 12-9 p.m., so much of it was during daylight hours. “This is how a silent disco should be … somewhere during the day where you’re not supposed to be making noise,” Member of 2K DEEP and co-founder of Party Guy Records DJ Haitian said. “Day raging when you can’t” Only feet away from the Silent Disco tent were there families soaking up the sun and going about a normal day at the beach. When asked whether performing at a Silent Disco was different from a more typical rave, DJ Haitian said: “The reactions I get, and that people are having fun, is what matters in the end.” The silent disco brought people something new for their Labor Day weekend, and introduced a type of show Vermonters may not have known about before.