Pop band cheers for positivity

Josh Holz

Spring is in the air and pop rock is warming up Burlington’s music scene.

The five-member indie pop band Cheerleader will be playing at Higher Ground April 24.  “I like the upbeat positivity,” said first-year Frankie Lyon, commenting on “The Sunshine of Your Youth.”

“The melody is easy-paced,” first-year Gabe Trotz said. “It’s pleasing to the ears.”

Chris Duran, guitarist of Cheerleader, said that their “power-pop” sound embodies the big, catchy choruses of bands from the ‘80s. “It’s a goal of ours to write that powerful, undeniable chorus that jumps out at you,” he said. “You want to sing along next time it comes around.”

Duran said he would describe the band’s sound as riding a line between rock and pop. “Sometimes you feel betrayed by pop and sometimes you get tired of the angst of rock bands like Nirvana,” Duran said. “We wanted to make a Katy Perry song with guitars.”

Their sound creates a nostalgic response from listeners, he said. “I think a lot of people find themselves looking backward while moving forward,” Duran said. “Our songs make you want to go back to the days when you felt you had more freedom.”

But their music creates happiness as well, he said. “We go for that juxtaposition,” Duran said. “We got a compliment from someone once that our song was the one they chose to start their day with.”

He said their songs reflect the band members’ support for one another. “I told my friend about how we made our songs and she said we were ‘such fucking cheerleaders for each other,’” he said. “The idea for our band to be called Cheerleader made sense.”

Duran said the band makes an effort to create energy in the audience during their live shows. “It’s got to be where you give as much as you can and hope you get it back,” he said.