Romantic jazz is scheduled for Valentine’s Day


UVM is for lovers this Valentine’s Day, and the evening air will be filled with romantic jazz.

Aimée is originally from France and her band consists of guitarists, also from France, and a bassist and drummer, both from Australia. The band met in New York, Aimée said, where they all currently live.

“In New York, there are a lot of people who came here to study music,” she said. Though the group comes from all over the world, it will be their first time performing in Burlington, Aimée said.

Aimée has lived in New York for 10 years now, she said, and loves it. “I love the music … and all the amazing artists,” she said.

Aimée said she first came to America in order to study music. However, it was her childhood in France, living near nomad encampments, that inspired her to start singing, she said.

Hearing this music “was very thrilling,” she said. “It’s music from the heart and not from the head.”

In addition to her varying musical influences, Aimée said she also speaks three languages: French, Spanish and English.

“I like singing in English,” she said. “I sing most of my songs in English because I learned them from the song book in English.”

Though she has embraced the American music scene, Aimée said she also performs in Europe, and is traveling to Germany in April. Aimée and her quartet are traveling now, touring Aimée’s most recent album, “It’s a Good Day.” Aimée said another is in the making.

The albums include a number of originals, though Aimée said she also enjoys doing covers, such as the group’s take on the classic “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Aimée and her quartet are bringing their tour to Burlington as part of the UVM Lane Series.

“I look forward to making people happy with music,” Aimée said.

Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m., French and Dominican jazz singer Cyrille Aimée and her quartet will serenade their audience at the UVM Recital Hall.