Salad’ tunes ring

Aaron Flinn is a Vermont-based singer/songwriter about to release his eighth album, “Salad Days.” He draws his music from a diverse set of influences that includes The Beatles, Miles Davis, Glenn Gould, Randy Newman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Jeff Buckley, Lyle Lovett, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Chopin’s Nocturnes. On Oct. 3, The Vermont Cynic got a chance to dig a little deeper and talk to the man himself. The Vermont Cynic: You’re a songwriting machine. Where do you draw your inspiration from Aaron Flinn: From all over, really. Everywhere. Certainly in the most recent years my muse is my family to a great extent … but really everywhere. … I’m a real fan of words … I like words that can be made to mean different things and paint pictures … There are ideas sort of floating around everywhere. VC: How would you describe your music? AF: I wouldn’t. I would just play it and let other people describe it … But really, if you have to pigeonhole it … folk-influenced rock and roll. But I’m not even sure what that means when I say it … You have to listen to the music. Music is from and for the soul, I think, and beyond language. It’s visceral and speaks to emotion. VC: Tell us about your “Salad Days.” AF: “Salad Days” has evolved into a catch-all name for the music I do. It originated from a song on my second album called “Welcome to Your Salad Days.” … Shakespeare has been given credit for the term …but it means you just jump in and experience … your salad days are the best days of your life. It’s a state of mind really. VC: Many songwriters feel that once they’ve “settled down” they lose an edge in their writing. How do you feel your marriage and children have affected your writing? AF: I don’t think it’s softened my writing and playing because I don’t think it’s changed who I am and I think that’s the luck of the partnership I have with my wife … she knew who she had before she married me and has not in any way attempted to change who I am … she is a great supporter and one of the reasons I continue to do this. If anything, the entire family really brings new subject matter … the reality is that I can plug in an electric guitar and rock out like I did 10 years ago … if anything is going to mellow me it’s age…there’s no edge taken away.” VC: What do you consider the three most important things about yourself? AF: My hair, my muscles and my clothing. No, let’s see … my family is certainly number one…the family past, present and future. I’m infinitely lucky with the family I was born into and the love and support I’ve known my whole life. That’s the most important thing about myself in defining who I am. Then, I guess I’d have to say my music and my love. What and who I love, and where I choose to focus my attention. You can find Aaron at and iTunes. His CD release show is a Taz Michaels production at Studio Three in South Burlington on Oct. 21. Tickets are available for $25 at