Skrillex ‘cells’ out Burlington

Skrillex presented Burlington with his hypnotizing cell and vibratious music for the first time on Oct. 15 at Memorial Auditorium. Like artists such as Deadmau5 and Pretty Lights, Skrillex decided to perform in his own custom stage, which he named the cell. All anyone could look at was what his cell would do next. The images and colors on the cell changed perfectly in time with every dub Skrillex stepped. Along with the cell, he had a movement sensor robot projected in back of him following his every move. “I’ve seen crazy light shows from performers before but never as amazing as Skrillex’s cell,” a fan yelled. It’s pretty clear that everyone needed some sort of release after the past two weeks of midterms, and Skrillex accomplished it. The crowd was ecstatic, hands moving in the air from the beginning to end just wanting more. Skrillex pleased the crowd playing favorites such as “Hey Sexy Lady,” “Equinox” and “All I ask of you,” but he also brought a few surprises to the audience such as “Eyes” by Kaskade, “Welcome to Jamrock” by Damian Marley, “Promises” by Nero and a new song, “Bangarang.” On the floor, you didn’t even need to try to dance because the vibrations under your feet made it impossible not to. The crowd itself was glittery, neon and ready to go under Skrillex’s spell. Numerous dancers were giving their own light shows with light gloves or glow sticks. “I’m not sure if it was just because it was in Burlington or that he had his cell, but Skrillex definitely proved himself more tonight than ever,” sophomore Deanna Hunt, who previously saw Skrillex over the summer, said. Although the crowd and the venue were both crucial in making the show a success, the real heroes were Skrillex’s electronic madness and whoever was doing the lights for his cell. The cell was an explosion of lights that dropped with the bass. Skrillex opened loud and intense and played at the same level until Memorial had to shut down for the night. And yet, Skrillex was still not done and played at an afterparty at Higher Ground as well. Whether you were in the back, the side, the front or the balcony, people were womping their midterms away. Skrillex’s show has proved that dubstep is slowly taking over Burlington with a wave of glow sticks and energetic music.