Sold out show rocks Higher Ground

Electronic dance music has been skyrocketing in popularity especially among our generation, and I was recently able to experience why that it.

One reason is because of musicians like Gramatik.

Mixing in elements of hip hop and electronica, combined with the radical noises of dubstep, Gramatik brings a whole new type of sound to the genre.

The atmosphere in Higher Ground was electric (no pun intended).

Everybody was in full-on rage mode before Gramatik even went on; I had never seen a crowd so hyped up.

When Gramatik hit the stage, all hell broke loose.

Gramatik was on fire.

Banger after banger he was playing all of his popular songs.

I always appreciate that from an artist because it  ensures that you will have a great time. It also shows the artist’s dedication to putting on a spectacular performance for the audience.

He played more than just his own stuff.

Especially during the middle portion of the concert, he was playing a lot of Grizmatik.

Grizmatik is the duo of Gramatik and another well-known electronic dance music artist, Griz. Fans of Griz know that he always brings the sax and there was plenty of it during the Grizmatik songs.

Electronic dance music also goes hand in hand with ridiculous light shows and trippy visuals.

The lights at this show  weren’t overbearing and they weren’t too strobe-like either.

Strobe lights tend to turn people away from electronic music because they are annoying.

If you can get past that, the lights can help to enhance your concert experience.

It’s all a part of the experience.