Springtime Carnivore brings color to Flynn

All bands have to start somewhere, and touring with a well-known group can often mark a turning point in a musician’s career.

This may very well be the case of singer-songwriter Greta Morgan, aka Springtime Carnivore, who opened with her band for The Head and the Heart March 5 on the Flynn MainStage.

Morgan, front and center on guitar, was accompanied by three other musicians onstage: a drummer, bass guitarist and keyboard player/backup vocalist.

The group’s name on the Flynn tickets was misprinted as “Springtime Carnival,” to which Morgan responded: “This is understandable, of course, because not many people know about us … yet.”

The group played songs from both of Morgan’s albums, “Springtime Carnivore”and “Mightnight Room.”

Lyrics from both albums speak to themes of love, longing and dreams. They are often fragmentary, creating a mood rather than conveying a message.

Morgan explains the questions explored in “Mightnight Room” on the group’s official website.

“How do you lovingly change a relationship? How do you say good-bye to someone in a certain way and still keep him or her in your life?” she said.

The spotlight framed Morgan, wearing red lipstick, a short yellow top, flared jeans and her long hair in a free fall — she was a painting of springtime itself.

Her presence onstage was effortless and enchanting.

The group created a dreamlike sound with floating melodies and creative rhythmic twists, held together by Morgan’s gentle, clear voice.

In addition to her lead vocals, the synthesizers used contribute to what is developing into the group’s distinct sound, especially in the songs from “Mightnight Room.”

A Los Angeles native, Morgan’s between-song banter naturally addressed Vermont winters and was generally quite charming.

At one point, she told a short story about a mysterious backstage flute player at a previous performance in Burlington, concluding by asking in a very matter-of-fact tone:

“So do you guys have like a town flute player? A town flutist?” Morgan said. The audience broke out in laughter.