String Cheese Hits Burlington

As I’m sure all the Deadheads, Phishphans, and just fans of good music in general are aware, The String Cheese Incident will be playing at the Patrick Gymnasium at 8:00 on Wednesday October 8th. I have seen the band before and I personally think they put on a great show. This one promises to be the best to date, seeing as the Gymnasium, at maximum capacity, holds only 3,228 people. The band’s recent tour has included places such as Red Rocks amphitheater, Waterloo Village, etc. – all are much larger venues. This performance promises to be an intimate one.

Another interesting note about the upcoming show has to do with String Cheese’s important role in many good charitable causes. On this fall tour, The Gouda Causes/Conscious Alliance Food Tour 2003 Food drives, is offering a giveaway for food donations. The Artist Michael Everett has created three posters for different locations on the fall tour, and together all three form a limited edition masterpiece. Ten cans can be brought to the concert and redeemed for one of the posters, or thirty cans can be brought and redeemed for all three. String Cheese is encouraging everyone to donate food: Everything is given directly to the hungry and you get a cool poster. The food can be donated at the entrance to any one of the east coast shows.

The Colorado based bluegrass/jamband consists of five members and play instruments that range from electric mandolin to accordion. Tickets are on sale at the Candy Counter in the basement of Billings for 25 dollars. Don’t wait too long; these tickets are sure to sell out. Even if you’ve never heard of String Cheese, I would recommend going with an open mind; you might like what you hear. I hope I’ll see you all on the 8th with hula hoops in hand, ready for a great show.