Student art highlighted in new exhibit


Artists from the Living/Learning Creative Expressions program presented “The Tip of the Iceberg on the Cake” gallery showcase reception at the L/L Fireplace Lounge March 27. 

Christmas lights brightened the exhibit showcasing more than 140 original student pieces. Much of the art in the gallery was paintings, but other work such as pastel and watercolor illustrations, photographs, and paper cranes were also displayed.

Some of the pieces were even three-dimensional. Around 20 feathery masks decorated the wall near the entrance. Five stand-alone figures were set up throughout the gallery on pedestals and a couple hung from the ceiling.  

Other pieces included Aidan Holding’s artwork poetry that spoke of his disdain toward outwardly affectionate couples and a detail heavy, obscurely shaped drawing that encompassed lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. 

“There are so many different styles, even within one artist,” sophomore Ali Palin said. “It looks like 40 people did this.”

More than 70 art viewers of all ages perused the small gallery; however, there were no more than 20 people in the room at once. Live music and snacks were provided for all who attended the reception.

Many of the people present at the event belonged to or were affiliated with the L/L program. People who were not part of the program talked with the artists about their pieces and shared thoughts on the artwork.

Program member sophomore Reed Hanson said he was happy with the turnout of the event, even though none of his art was featured in the gallery. 

“I think it turned out pretty well,” Hanson said.

Program director sophomore Emily Booker, who displayed several of her own wooden sculptures, noted that many of the pieces in the gallery were not exclusive to what students had created while a part of the program.

“There’s art in here that was made throughout the year because we’ve had monthly projects,” Booker said. “But there is also past art that people have made from last year, from high school or from art classes people have taken [at the University].”

According to the L/L program proposal page, the Creative Expression L/L program is composed of 10 students who aim to express their inner creativity with the students they live with.

“The Creative Expressions program allows you to express yourself through whatever art medium you want,” Booker said. “It’s great.”

The exhibit will be on display until April 6. To learn more about the event go to