Student band finds place in the Burly scene

A guitarist handed flyers out around campus last year in search of new bandmates.

One year and three band names later, the band that formed thereafter, Jeddy, will now play every Monday at Nectar’s through November.

Junior Drew Steinberg said he remembered interviewing potential band members in the library last year.

“[They’d ask:] ‘So where’s the band at right now?’” Steinberg said, “and I’d be like, ‘Well, you’re looking at it.’”

The first person he decided on was sophomore Elias Levinson, another guitarist, he said.

“I was just waiting in the library line at the Cyber Cafe to get my coffee in the morning and wake up,” Levinson said. “I swear there were lights behind me and I had an epiphany like I was adopting a religion. I was like, ‘I have to do this.’”

As the band grew to four members, with senior bassist Julian Cunningham and sophomore drummer Tanner Schanzlin, Steinberg said.

jeddy_colorThe next challenge was finding a space to practice. Most of the music practice rooms on campus have their restrictions — the music building is for music majors, and practice rooms on Redstone campus are for residents only.

“We found [the Living/Learning Center],” Steinberg said. There was a music room on the second floor that even housed a drum set, which was convenient for the band since they didn’t have one of their own, he said.

“Whoever’s drum set it was started getting mad, ‘cause … it wasn’t ours,’” Steinberg said. “So they started taking the snare and the symbols out with them when they would leave, and it got to the point when we literally couldn’t practice anymore.”

The solution was to buy their own drum set, a decision that solidified Jeddy as a band, he said.

“Before it was just like, we’ll meet up, we’ll practice, blah blah blah,” Steinberg said. “But for me at least, that we were like, ‘Okay. This is now an official thing,’ at least to us. It wasn’t for everybody else yet, cause no one even knew.”

Jeddy’s first gig was a basement show Steinberg had booked only two days in advance.

“Me being the prepared guy who wants to have everything scoped first, I’m looking at this basement and I’m, like, kinda scared,” Levinson said. “The basement was instantly packed, people were inches from us and they were waiting for us to play.”

That basement show, though it wasn’t the turning point of Jeddy’s popularity, was the first of many performances.

“Popularity is a mountain,” Levinson said.

They continued to play basement shows and parties, eventually playing at several venues downtown including the Zen Lounge and Radio Bean, according to their website.

“[Playing at Zen Lounge] was the first time people woke up the next morning and asked their friends, ‘Yo, did you hear about Jeddy last night?’” Levinson said.

After that show, the band has grown in popularity and in members. They’ve since added a keyboardist, first-year Ben Schnier, and sophomore singer Lindsay Ross.

The band can be seen playing at Nectar’s Mondays at 9 p.m.

Reporting by Kim Henry.