Thank God For Kimock

The Steve Kimock Band is one of those bands that makes one realize that music is still progressing, interesting, and most of all, beautiful. The audience at the Higher Ground on Thursday, February 26th, felt extremely lucky to be a part of something so uniquely special.

Steve Kimock is a musician that looks at music in a perfect way. For him, it is something to be worked with, and not conquered-taste before flare-touches before jolts. Steve pays attention to everything that is going on onstage, while gently steering the boat in either direction to keep everything on course.

One of the most important aspects of the Steve Kimock Band is that Steve has complete faith in his bandmates. Rodney Holms is easily one of the most explosive, technically sound drummers out there. It is nearly impossible for anything to get boring while Rodney plays. He has a nice combination of power and flavor with exciting and intricate fills-think Jon Bonham meets Billy Cobham. Most of all, the crowd loves him, and at times he definitely stole the show.

Leo Traversa is one of the new additions to the band, taking over for Alfonso Johnson on bass. Leo has some pretty big shoes to fill, but proved on Thursday night that he could do more than just get the job done. He is a melodic bass player that brings a very pleasant element of Weather Report styled jazz to the table (even though he was not in Weather Report).

Jim Kost on the keys is also another new positive addition to the group. Throughout the show he never went off and whaled, but he heard everything. Kost was not there to whale, but to add touches to create a tightly woven texture. He did a great job of filling out the sound.

Finally, other guitar player Mitch Epstein-a bad-ass with long chops and heels, held it down really well rhythmically, but could also rip a solid solo. Mitch’s guitar sound has attitude, which is one of the things that make SKB so dynamic.

It is a tremendous thing to see a band that does not have one weak link-not one. With the Kimock band the listener gets a little of everything, I’m not sure they ignore any genre of music. It is also a tremendous thing to see a band that thrives on so much more than the overuse of the cheap tactic of tension and release. The Steve Kimock Band has no reason to rely on any sort of tactic-they just are what they are-a damn good band.