The Flo Hosts An End of the Semester Party at Nectar’s

p>December 12th, The Flo’ and The Casual Fiasco will perform an end of the semester party at Nectar’s from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. If everyone else’s semester has been like mine, getting drunk with the Flo’ sounds just perfect. Better, at least, than sitting in your room crying yourself to sleep in the fetal position.

These guys have been rocking out and looking funny for four years, and unlike most other UVM bands are still going strong. After Quilt imploded like a bad “Behind the Music,” and the Basement Band went on hiatus, the Flo’ are still bringing the heat rocks. For real.

A word of warning: having seen these fellas before, I know what to expect. Never before have I seen so many women throw their underwear on the stage as when Logan gets all hot and sweaty. Guys too. So if you plan on coming to the show, either bring a change of undergarments, or get ready for an excersize in self control. Special guests are expected.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jay-Z; you didn’t hear it from me, but I heard Phish might be there as well. They love these guys.