Underachievers review 

 Even the performers called out the crowd for their rude behavior.
The Underachievers performed at Higher Ground but were accosted by rude crowd behavior.

One thing that I have learned from attending a multitude of concerts is that a crowd can make or break the experience.

I’ve never seen such a pathetic excuse of a crowd at The Underachievers concert this past Friday.

It was so awful that the duo themselves called the crowd out several times during their performance.

It probably didn’t help that the audience was filled with underaged kids overwhelmingly messed up off whatever drugs they consumed.  

I felt like I was at a music festival looking into some of these kids’ faces.

One kid’s pupils were so dilated that they were the size of half-dollars.

This concert took place at Higher Ground’s main stage, but the venue was barely full when I arrived.

I was surprised because I have seen The Underachievers multiple times and they usually sell out their shows or at least draw a large crowd.

They had also just released a new album so I figured that would help in pumping the hype into this concert.

One thing that I have always hated about rap concerts is that  the DJ typically plays the rapper’s song for the artist to rap along to.

It’s technically not lip syncing but it’s so damn close that at times that you are left wondering if they are really performing their songs or not.

Not all rappers do this, but for the ones that do, it almost seems like cheating the audience out of an authentic experience.

There were times when I felt the duo seemed remarkably unenthusiastic on stage, but I don’t blame them.

Who would want to perform for such a lackluster crowd?

They repeatedly told the crowd to bounce and people just stood still.

They told the crowd to put their hands in the air and only half would do so.

By the end of the concert they tried to get the audience yelling but it was so weak that I even felt embarrassed being a part of this crowd.

The duo performed their last song and literally bolted off stage.

I stayed around to see if there would be an encore but there was none. Who could blame them though?

A shitty crowd will only get a shitty show.

If the audience had a bit more energy and were more focused on the music than on what drugs they wanted to do, then the show would have been all the better.